Wife Has Great Taste Though

2021.09.17 18:12 ArmyOfCorgis Wife Has Great Taste Though

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2021.09.17 18:12 Blef22 This took forever! I hope you like it!

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2021.09.17 18:12 Baboon_wth_a_jetpack Gallery images not uploading to a reddit community / subreddit I've joined

I've heard I need to use some 3rd party link thing to be able to post the pictures , can someone help me out with how exactly I do all that... Thanks!
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2021.09.17 18:12 benjo9991 [PS5] W: Sharpstones shards and large sharpstones (accidentally killed filthy man) H: Ask

Could anyone buy me some sharpstone shards and large sharpstones from the filthy man? I'm trying to get a few weapons up to +6 but I accidentally killed my merchant a while back. If you need anything that I have in return, I'll supply it
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2021.09.17 18:12 Busy_Mycologist_9865 ???!

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2021.09.17 18:12 buabua48 Summer Rain!!

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2021.09.17 18:12 MedicalBag87 am i shadowbanned ?

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2021.09.17 18:12 kaanktlk DRS transfer from Questrade(QT) to ComputerShare for Canadapes🇨🇦

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2021.09.17 18:12 Futuzucooking Crispy flourless cookies to die for ! 4 ingredients ! With sesame seeds| Futuzu Cooking

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2021.09.17 18:12 robbyyy Movie partnerships you never knew you wanted

They never appeared on screen together, but which of these characters would be awesome in a movie together?
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2021.09.17 18:12 Obvious_Daikon4712 Rewatching Amphibia S2 E15 New Wartwood/Friend or Frobo? Day 35 (15 DAYS UNTIL S3)

In this episode, Marcy goes for the first time to see Wartwood, but people do not accept her, then Marcy makes some small improvements to the city. Mayor Toadstool convinces her to make the improvements to the city much bigger. Anne warns him that it is not a good idea but Marcy does it anyway. The next day, Marcy and Toadstool made many improvements to the city, but it turns out to be a disaster as Wartwood is sinking into the swamp, as the improvements carry a lot of weight. Marcy fixes the disaster, the citizens of Wartwood are angry with Marcy but just as she forgives her and that she has patience so that they finally accept her.

In this episode, Polly gets bored as Marcy and HP go to the store to buy seeds, Polly tries to convince Anne and Sprig to accompany her but they say that in all the time that Anne was in Amphibia she has grown too mature to continue doing mischief. just like Sprig. (although I suspect they will do those shenanigans on Earth again, not sure but unlikely) Polly decides to have fun alone, and at that moment she meets the robot that was chasing them at the beginning of this season. Polly befriends him and calls him Frobo. At first they were having fun, but Polly took it too far causing disaster in the city. Polly convinces Frobo to stop the mess and convinces HP to take responsibility for Frobo.
Well guys, we are getting closer to the last 5 episodes of the 2nd season, and not only that but we are 2 weeks AWAY FROM THE RELEASE OF S3. We are already too close, seriously I'm too excited, so wait for September 24, because that day I'm going to analyze a lot, a lot about TRUE COLORS, because believe me, in that episode there is a lot to talk about, there is a lot of information, and possibly that post is very long but very long. And on Saturday September 25th, I will react and analyze the S3 trailer!
Well, see you on Monday with the last 5 episodes of S2! :D
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2021.09.17 18:12 Rawr_Mom [Win10] trying to create a Scheduled Task to run one minute after waking up / logging on, but it's not triggering - what am I doing wrong?

Win10 home, 21H1, 19043.1237
For context, what I'm specifically trying to do is to automate the process of running 'voicemeeterpro.exe' with the -r argument, one minute after waking from sleep, to essentially 'restart' the audio engine of a program (voicemeeter) because I have to do this every wake. The -r argument does this.
The task itself seems to run fine. If I go into task scheduler, right click the created task, and click 'run', it has the intended effect. It's just not running by itself / automatically. In case it was something about the program, I also tried doing it through an autohotkey script (a single-line script that just ran the .exe and argument) and same result - works manually, but not running by itself. Enabled history, no auto entries there. It looks like it's something I've screwed with the task, I just don't know how.
General tab
Run only when user is logged on (selected, as the only user on the computer)
Run with highest privileges (ticked)
Triggers tab
At log on - at log on of any user - enabled
That's the only trigger, with the following details in the edit menu:
Begin the task: at log on.
Any user.
Delay task for - enabled, one minute
'Enabled' at the bottom is checked. Everything else (sans the delay) is unchecked.
Start a program: "C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe"
Add arguments: "C:\Users\polit\Documents\Utilities\Scripts\VM Refresh.ahk"
Conditions: all unchecked
'Allow task to be run on demand' checked
'Stop the task if it runs longer than' 1 hour (only needs to run long enough to run the .ahk)
I'm at the end of my tether here; admittedly I can expedite the process a little bit by setting it to a key on my stream deck, which works fine, but even then I'd rather have this run automatically each wake rather than have to remember to hit this button.
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2021.09.17 18:12 doodsanddudes We got upgraded. . . Saratoga Springs Disney World

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2021.09.17 18:12 Dannig178 Barbara Palvin

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2021.09.17 18:12 Tyranimo Khorium price

Khorium is at about 2 gold max per ore on my server, which seems very strange for how rare it is. Why is that? Does it get more expencive in later phases or is it just useless to mine?
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2021.09.17 18:12 NewsElfForEnterprise Highlights of the day: International EV and semiconductor makers team up for SiC modules

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2021.09.17 18:12 couponfordeals 24% off > $152.99 < HuiNa 593 RTR 1/14 RC Excavator Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.09.17 18:12 OhComeonBro87 When do you think 550’s will restock ?

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2021.09.17 18:12 Akephalos_Agares US and EU pledge 30% cut in methane emissions to limit global heating

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2021.09.17 18:12 Remarkable-Recipe-75 How do me make Instagram understand there is glitch in their system which deactivates user account ?

Any suggestions?
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2021.09.17 18:12 Strange-Waltz1914 Omniscient Reader Viewpoint - Chapter 73 Flame Scans

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2021.09.17 18:12 musicloverbitcoin big booty black bike week 2021

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2021.09.17 18:12 maths1500 Moonstone mid lane?

Is going Moonstone better than going Liandries for mid lane Karma or not? I say this because support mythics are 700 gold cheaper than mage mythics which allows you to get Cosmic Drive very fast, a mandatory legendary item for Karma in my opinion after the changes to her passive. And solo laners always get more gold and exp than supports.
And is there any Master+ Karma mains who plays her mid lane? I only see Master+ Karma top laners and they go Moonstone Renewer with Grasp or Comet.
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2021.09.17 18:12 Suitable_Metal633 Whats a great way to get more coins?

Ok so I figured out some missions don’t give payouts whish sucks because of how expensive javelin appearances are, any advice on a great way to make money?
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2021.09.17 18:12 enburkmax (sweden) trying out these ones for the first time today.

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