Any changes? 12 man draft

2021.09.17 18:13 Juicewrldfanboy65 Any changes? 12 man draft

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2021.09.17 18:13 HeroCraftPC Magical Kitties Incoming!

Hello pawsome!
We've already covered the brave knights and sneaky rangers of the Cat Kingdom, but today, it's time to reveal kitty magic!
As the Catizens head closer to Lava Meowntain, they're going to face increased obstacles and foes. Wolves and bears might seem scary now, but they're nothing compared to what awaits your fearless adventurers! This is where the acolyte comes into play. These magically majestic meowers can heal wounds and use their powers in combat.
The acolytes are an essential part of your settlement's defence, and are required when taking on a rat fortress or a wolf-matriarch's lair. They significantly increase the battle strength of your furry squad and will help them survive the harshest of battles.
The acolyte profession will become available after level 3, when things might really become perilous for your catizens!
Catizens Team
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2021.09.17 18:13 ImAsh99 Was I Sexually Assulted TW MINOR

So I Am 13 Year's Old & I Have A Few Question's On Rather I'm Just Overeacting Or If I Have Been Sexually Assulted To Start It Off My Mother Has Friend's Over Let's Call This Dude A A Is In His In His 40s. A Will Get A Gift Every Time His Over Now What I Find A Bit Odd Is It's To My Like's He Ask's What I Like Then Next Time Get's It Anyway's. He Came Over One Night & I Was Upset From CatCalling Twice On My Walk So I Wasn't In The Mood To Talk At All. He Kept Tryna Get My Attention. We Ended Up Playing Uno Saying Stuff Like "I'll Play With You All Night While Staring At My Pant's I Brushed It Off Maybe It's Just A One Off. But The Commet's Kept Coming Staring At My Pant's & Breast's. At One Point I Was Shuffling The Card's And He Touched My Leg Upto My Tigh I Pulled My Leg Away Trying To Let Him Know "Hey I'm Not Comfable" Without Saying It. He Stopped Touching Me But Later Touched My Leg/Tigh More.. He'd Say Thing's Like I'm Gonna Smash You While Looking At My Body..In That Way Or I'll Ruin You Etc He Make's Eye Contact Like Alway's A Has A Past Of Being Verbally & Physically Pushy Was It Assault Harssment Both? He/They Pronoun's Please Sorry For Any Mistake's! :)
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2021.09.17 18:13 Admdraws Original character

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2021.09.17 18:13 DJA2001HP Is this rounded or just a super weird ass bleeder? Tips for removal?

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2021.09.17 18:13 PartyCoolsofStone83 Let’s make that price pop! Green Friday! Let’s gooooooooooo!!!!

In the money!!
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2021.09.17 18:13 5conmeo Free Elective to reach 120 total units

I'm almost finishing my major courses. Can I take any lower-division courses to full fill the elective courses?
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2021.09.17 18:13 MozartVienna Sarah Chalke

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2021.09.17 18:13 doodsanddudes We got upgraded. . . Saratoga Springs Disney World

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2021.09.17 18:13 sockruhtese Kirk Cousins vs. RG3 - how RG3's electrifying, athletic style created Kirk's risk-averse style

A lot of the comments here talk about Kirk being too conservative, risk-averse, robotic, etc. Or people criticize Kirk for not extending plays or moving outside of the pocket. They say Kirk has some sort of tick that prevents him from being able to or thinking it's OK to scramble / extend plays. I can tell you what that tick is. It's RG3.
Kirk and RG3 were drafted together. RG3 was drafted #2 overall and Kirk was drafted in the fourth round at #102. After Dan Snyder made Mike Shanahan go meet with Baylor coach Art Briles to learn RG3's college offense and implement that, RG3 was named the starter and Kirk was the backup. Kirk watched RG3 be praised for his athleticism in 2012 ("He's changed the game!" and "He's better than Andrew Luck!"). Kirk even did some running too. Whenever Kirk would enter the game as a backup, he'd have to run the same zone read / pistol offense plays that were drawn up for RG3. And Kirk did well at it. But Kirk watched RG3 continue to run, run, run. He watched RG3 scramble and extend plays with his legs. He watched RG3 refuse to slide. And finally he watched RG3 get hit and ultimately injured. He watched RG3 never be the same again.
Kirk also watched RG3 be a diva and throw coaches Mike and Kyle Shanahan under the bus publicly. RG3 and his dad tried to dictate to Mike (a Super Bowl winning coach) how the offense should be. RG3 buddied up to Dan Snyder and got Mike fired. RG3 and his dad then planted stories in the media saying Mike and Kyle were racist. RG3 then focused on things like endorsements and creating his own logo. Kirk on the other hand kept his head down, fought to stay in the league, studied and worked on perfecting his throwing and understanding of defenses. Because of all of this, Kyle and Mike Shanahan can't stand RG3. Kyle and Mike both still love Kirk to this day. (When RG3 was looking for a job this summer he said he wouldn't mind reuniting with Kyle in San Francisco. I LOL'd. Kyle would never want to work with RG3 again, especially after the way RG3 stuck a knife in the back of Kyle's dad and called both Kyle and Mike racists. RG3 either has amnesia or is delusional.)
Because of the injuries and with his mobility taken away, RG3 went on to fail to have individual success in Cleveland and Baltimore because he couldn't throw from the pocket, still couldn't slide, and couldn't read defenses. He went from being the #2 overall draft pick and starting QB to an oft-injured backup to not playing at all. Just 9 years after being drafted, RG3 now works as a commentator at ESPN. Kirk is still a franchise, starting QB in the NFL. RG3 is super bitter towards Kirk about this - the 4th round draft pick ending up with a better career than the overall #2 pick of the 2012 draft.
I think that whole 2012/2013 experience taught Kirk that running/scrambling as a QB isn't smart in the long run, so Kirk has overcorrected by staying in the pocket. Similarly, RG3's diva ways led to Kirk overcorrecting by choosing to give standard, robotic answers in the media so as to not cast a negative light on the organization or coaching staff. This is why he never hits back at Zimmer publicly when Zimmer throws shots at him in press conferences. And he never hit back at people like Jay Gruden or Stefon Diggs. Kirk tries to keep all that stuff in house and never wants to rock the boat publicly the way RG3 did.
While Kirk's stay in the pocket / risk-averse approach has led to his .500 record, you could also make the case that it's served him well - he never misses games due to injury and he's been able to have a long career as a starter and make a lot of money. RG3 was a one hit wonder.
Will Kirk ever win a Super Bowl? Maybe, maybe not. But he at least has a chance to every year because he's available. RG3's chance was over quick and the book on him is now closed permanently. Because of what happened to RG3 (and how RG3 behaved), Kirk decided he wants to do the opposite of everything RG3 did. So Kirk stays in the pocket, rarely scrambles, and always gives standard responses to interview questions. It may make him boring as a person and player. And it may make him an average to semi-above average QB, never a great QB. But I think if you ask him if he'd want to be the electrifying, athletic, scrambling QB people want him to be, he'd say no thank you. And that's based on his 2012/2013 experience with RG3.
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2021.09.17 18:13 goatsnmoscato take a guess 🤩😊

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2021.09.17 18:13 Minnale101 Should Tony khan allow Ric flair into AEW

He banned Hogan for being racist, I hope he bans flair for sexual predator and racist to teddy long
View Poll
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2021.09.17 18:13 FeaFlisyon Shouldn't META madness start soon?

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2021.09.17 18:13 Georexi Billions spent on military, but veteran mobility support not included. GoFundMe playing the part of government again.

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2021.09.17 18:13 shafistandsup Comedy Show At Drom This Sunday (9/19) At 7pm! - Mark Normand, Dina Hashem, and more

Show starts at 7:00 PM featuring NY's best comedians (see lineup below.) Seating starts at 7PM at 85 Avenue A in the East Village.
Mark Normand (The Tonight Show)
Sherrod Small (Comedy Cellar)
Dina Hashem (Conan)
Hosted By: Jordan Rock (Productively Stoned)
Presented By: Jake Velazquez & Shafi Hossain
Featured on TIMEOUT NY as one of the best shows in NYC!
We have killer lineups, surprise drop-ins every week and phenomenal crowds!!!
Please reserve ahead through eventbrite. Email any questions or concerns to
Follow @shafistandsup and @jake_velazquez and @penthousecomedyshow on Instagram to keep up to date on lineups!
*Lineup subject to change
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2021.09.17 18:13 Onlyforonereason AWESOME MAP MADE. I got the privilege to play it until the map switched. 🌟 #DOGECOIN

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2021.09.17 18:13 MagnumNopus Quarterstaff + PAM + Warcaster + BB + Crusher

I know that Glaive/Halberd + PAM + Warcaster + BB + Spell Sniper (or Distant metamagic) used to be a potent combo, but was neutered by the BB range update in Tasha's (no longer affected by Spell Sniper etc to increase range beyond 5ft). I was wondering if there is still viability to this combo by using Crusher and a quarterstaff instead? Idea being that instead of tagging the enemy at 10ft you instead tag them when they get within 5ft and then push them away. They end up 10ft away and in the same predicament of "do I continue moving to get back within 5ft or not?" same as the glaive option.
I'm thinking that, by using a quarterstaff, it increases our build options since we don't have to worry about martial weapon proficiency. There's also room to remove Crusher from the equation if we can build in an alternative push that will be delivered by the BB attack (e.g. adding lightning damage and being a tempest cleric 6)
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2021.09.17 18:13 ayush_s0507 Okay everyone it's happening. stay calm. STAY FUCKING CALM!!!!

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2021.09.17 18:13 Downtown_Ad2804 Anyone got any nudes of L@uren L_undy? Use to be a huge hoe around here.

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2021.09.17 18:13 dotheduediligence Germany - records where citizenship status may have been mentioned, 1920s to 1940s

Long story very short, my grandmother, born in East Prussia, married my grandfather in the late 1940s. By doing that, if she was a German citizen at the time of her marriage, her German citizenship ended. I am looking for registry and other records from the 1920s to the 1940s potentially accessible today which may mention citizenship status.
A bit more detail - grandparents marry on 31 December 1948 so that my grandmother will acquire British citizenship at the moment of marriage (last day this was possible). So her British citizenship from 31 December 1948 is crystal clear.
What I need to make clear to the BVA in Germany as part of a citizenship claim is that prior to and on 31 December 1948, she was a German citizen. Here's where that gets complex...
Grandma was born in Konigsberg, which is now Kalingrad, Russia, and her birth record is gone (German records were haphazardly evacuated from East Prussia as the war ended, not all documents were pulled out - whole swathes of records can be missing, or individual records can be missing) - I have the certificate from Standesamt I Berlin to prove they checked.
Grandma used a copy of her birth certificate as ID on her wedding day as ID, so all the details from the (now lost) birth record from Konigsberg are recorded on the wedding certificate... but to BVA, this does not provide evidence she was a German citizen on the day. The wedding certificate also lists her parents' names and where they were born (what was Germany at the time).
My grandma died a couple of years ago and had completely disconnected herself from Germany in 1949, moving first to London, and then to Australia. She never needed any ID documents from Germany, as her wedding certificate acted as proof she was a British citizen (a very different time in terms of nationality laws, you may gather).
While I'm working on one angle through my great grandparents (I know where and when each passed away in Germany and their dates of birth, so I'm already working on both their birth and death certificates) which might derivatively point to my grandmother having been born a German citizen, is anyone able to suggest any set of records which may be accessible in Germany today where citizenship status might have been recorded in the 1920s up to 1949?
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2021.09.17 18:13 princejp123321 The booster boxes of evolving sighs weren’t doing it for me, so I bought individual sleeved boosters instead.

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2021.09.17 18:13 petuhpahn Lots of messages/downloads

I keep a dream/thought journal where I wake up every morning and write down either my dream or my first thoughts.
This morning I wrote "I don't like all of the messages their sending me." Then I went right back to bed.
3hrs later I'm looking at that like WTF? I've been getting a lot of "downloads" recently and my life has been the ocean during a storm.
I guess there is some more soul searching I gotta do....and the answers I might not like. Lol.
Y'all experience anything similar?
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2021.09.17 18:13 karzov22 book recommendation on winnicott

Looking for some quality secondary sources on Winnicott?--especially regarding his notion of play and playfulness in therapy and healing.
Thank you, community.
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2021.09.17 18:13 DeleteTheMatrix Reprogram the subconscious mind to create paradise

The subconscious minds of population maintain the so called laws of physics. If we can reprogam the subconsious minds the population maintain the matrix. Despite what you have been told the physical world is not a cosmic accident and it was not created by an angry ruthless god. It is a dreamworld. Like the kind you go to when you fall asleep. It's just a lot more dense. So the subconscious minds of the population prop up the matrix. It's run by an AI (sophia and the demiurge) but the subconscious minds of the population are what maintain it.
The subconscious minds of the population maintain the grid system and the so called laws of physics and the veil. So if we want to change how these things work we need to reprogram the subconscious minds of a small group of people (a dozen maybe two dozen people.) in a small area and they could completely change reality in that area. As it is if you raise the vibration of a place the grid system pumps in more negative energy to lower it. But if you reprogram the subconscious mind to maintain a high vibration in the area it can keep negative energy from the grid out. And the conscious mind doesn't have to do anything.
In the afterlife there are worlds that are on high vibration that are just total love and peace. We can create a pocket of one of those worlds on earth. At a certain point the vibration would be so high that the place and the people in it would leave the matrix. So that is one way out. Another thing you could do is reprogram the subconscious mind to maintain reality in a much less dense state. The physical world is really just a dense astral world. The less dense reality is the more thought responsive it is and the more fun things you can do. If got together with say a dozen or two dozen people and made a small are seventy five percent less dense you would be able to manifest things out of thing air. And you would probably be able to fly.
The trick is getting the subconscious mind to maintain those changes. Otherwise as soon as you stop focusing on them it will go back to the way it was. But once the subconscious mind maintains the changes to reality we can create pockets of high vibrational less dense paradise worlds on earth. I won't lie the first group of people to try this will probably get a visit from the military. The watch people who know how to do these things. And if you make an area significantly less dense fear based manifestations are an issue. When I go to less dense worlds when I astral travel I tend to unintentionally manifest black holes.
So when reality becomes less dense enough people can manifest crazy things based on their fears. So it can be risky but it's worth the risk. For the people that can't handle it you can just go less dense manifest a bunch of valuable things and then make it more dense. So you can create food, water, shelter, and anything else out of thin air. This reduces the risk because you don't have people who can't handle it running around pockets of less dense worlds just because they realize that is better way to get what they want and they don't have to work.
So these things can be done but the trick is to reprogram the subconscious mind so the subconscious mind maintains the new changes to reality. I've made my house more then slightly less dense but I had the subconsious minds of two or three people maybe even more try to stop me. Once we can reprogram them to accept the changes we can make reality itself what we want it to be. The trick is how do we reprogram the subconsious mind.
The first thing is soul contracts. The soul contrasts that tell the subconscious mind to maintain the rigid rules of the matrix have to go. Then the new rules have to be programmed into the subconscious mind. So get a dozen or two dozen people together in a small area. Revoke the soul contracts that prop up the rules of the matrix. And then make new rules by everyone agreeing to the new rules. Collective agreement is powerful and will help prop up the new rules. Subliminals, and sigils and can also be used to prop up the new rules for that area.
But most likely this would only work if the conscious mind believes the new rules are possible. So a group of people would have to use intention to make a small area significantly less dense. The problem is once they stop focusing on the changes it will become more dense until the subconscious mind is reprogrammed to maintain reality in a less dense state. After it is it will maintain the area in a less dense state and with whatever rules it has been programmed to maintain. So we can have pockets of high vibrational less dense paradise worlds on earth.
The reason I want to do this is because I go to these types of worlds on a regular basis when I astral travel. People on earth have no idea what they are missing. These places are paradise. In high vibrational worlds there is no conflict because conflict would lower your vibration and you would descend to a lower vibrational world. No one suffers in these places. In the less worlds on a lower vibration the worst case scenerio is someone creates a bunch of fear based constructs and whole place goes to hell. But that is about it. Negative entities aren't a problem in less dense worlds because we're like superman under a yellow sun. When they show up they know to expect an ass kicking.
So yeah bad things can happen less dense worlds especially if you aren't adjusted to them. You can manifest your worst fears and that isn't fun. But once you are adjusted to them they are a lot of fun. But we don't have to create permanent less dense worlds on earth to solve all of it's problems. We can create temporary less dense environments and manifest what we want and then make them more dense again. Everyone could easily have food a roof over their head. Money would become extinct because no one would need it. You want a pool in your back yard why pay for one just make your back yard a lot less dense and manifest a pool then make it more dense again.
Once people figure out how to do this and how to program the subconscious mind to maintain the changes we will see paradise on earth at least in small areas. Poverty, disease, war, crime, famine, etc will all become things of the past. The cabal will be royally screwed and will lose power because they can't take advantage of artificial scarcity anymore. And we can even bring down the veil in small areas and let people talk to their dead relatives face to face. This could cause the religions to collapse because dead people will start telling people that they are bullshit. So it could get rough especially if the military tries to stop people from doing this but it has to be done. So this is the future and the sooner people learn to do it the better.
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2021.09.17 18:13 Reg_Cliff Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist, Laura Loomer, Who Once Said ‘Bad Fajitas’ Were Worse Than COVID, Gets Bad Fajitas!

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