[LF] Real Statues [FT] Real paintings

2021.09.17 17:25 SilverCookieDust [LF] Real Statues [FT] Real paintings

Statues I need:

Paintings I have:
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2021.09.17 17:25 N2theNth2 [WTS] 2021-W Uncirculated (burnished) T2 ASE’s, only 175k

Thanks for stopping and having a look! Have three (3) two (2) of these burnished ASE’s to sell today.
Asking $100 each + shipping. $5 for first class or $8.50 for priority small flat rate box.
Accept Zelle and Venmo. Let me know if you have any questions or want further pictures.
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2021.09.17 17:25 SG_deltatrooper A tale of 2 SBL's

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2021.09.17 17:25 fiftyfiive Vedtatt: Longyearbyen stenger kullkraftverket, skal fyre med diesel

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2021.09.17 17:25 The_Royal_Clash The whole market is red. Don’t lose faith.

The biggest thing that I picked up from the conference, on Wednesday, was when Wong said “under promise and over deliver” No announcement today (yet), but the desk is up and running! That’s good news to me. More action and less hype marketing. I’d rather a company focus on production instead of marketing for hype and not deliver. I’m holding strong and buying anything below .03 Looking forward to seeing all the “gains” posts, in the near future. Cheers 🍻
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2021.09.17 17:25 Computor123 title

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2021.09.17 17:25 ecs018 They’ll be best pals in no time

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2021.09.17 17:25 lxivere why tf does does my regular science class assign more hw than my ap math class

and she's such a shitty teacher too bro it's so annoying
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2021.09.17 17:25 MarbleWitch16 I'm thinking of baking cream cheese muffins, what do you guys think?

Sounds gross or good?
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2021.09.17 17:25 rupertpupkinstache This is Bea, demonstrating proper use of the Feltcave.

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2021.09.17 17:25 LexiRae24 Hay shortage

I give my rabbits Timothy hay to eat, and generic bedding hay for their nest box. However, my local retailers are suffering from stock shortages and I’ve had to use Timothy hay as their bedding because I’ve run out of generic. I’m worried the high-fibre texture will be too prickly and rough for them to sleep on
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2021.09.17 17:25 Infamous_Landscape61 DO not CLICK it for your own mental health......................

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2021.09.17 17:25 prokovitch Sinisterhood Subreddit Statistics

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2021.09.17 17:25 tanmatradi How can a box have this much personality

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2021.09.17 17:25 boopboopquackquack Chantrelle true or false

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2021.09.17 17:25 TheGrabbinDragon Is there an easy to understand guide on how to use FMB and an HDD to play game backups on a Fat PS2?

Title, mostly dont understand how to load the backups onto the HDD and how to hook up with the HDD. Im sure it's straightforward but I dont want to spend an entire day screwing with it and getting it wrong.
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2021.09.17 17:25 pineapple-expresso Unde pot schimba o cantitate mare de monede in Cluj?

Salut, vreau de ceva vreme sa ma scap de zecile de monede adunate in multi ani, insa nu stiu exact unde as putea face asta. Oare stiti voi vreun loc unde sa ma duc? Am vazut ca cei de la kaufland aveau in 2020 ceva promo in care imi dadeau un card de cumparaturi pt monede, oare mai e de actualitate? Exista aparatul la Kaufland Marasti?
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2021.09.17 17:25 sonofsarkhan My cat cuddled with me for the first time in over 6 months, and it made me so happy

When I got her last December, she was super cuddly and affectionate. After I got her spayed in early 2021 though, she has been rather standoffish to me and had much preferred my roommate.
But last night, I fell asleep on the couch, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, she jumped up on my chest and was purring and cuddling and head butting me. Then, she did it again after I finished getting ready for work this morning. It honestly made my day, and I sincerely hope she starts doing it a lot more often. Is there much I can do to encourage this behavior?
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2021.09.17 17:25 refreeee Keep an eye on

Keep an eye on $SPIR. Similar setup as $IRNT with high redemption at 91%. Available float is 2mil. Some volume and this one joins $IRNT and $OPAD at 20$+ easily. Still early sitting at 11.50$. https://www.reddit.com/SqueezePlays/comments/ppad1e/despac_gamma_squeeze_redemption_plays_an/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
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2021.09.17 17:25 Lol33ta The Desolation Bringer by Stephen Najarian

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2021.09.17 17:25 Benyno Play Solo 260 medal Nations Forever

Hey Guys!
Finally, after a long time i did the last 1 hour track in the balck difficult level. I've been playing for a long time and im so happy! :)

What is your biggest reached medal in Nations Forever?
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2021.09.17 17:25 AstronautTemporary85 👑ProtonDOGE 👑 Launch today x100 LP LOCKED 100%

👑ProtonDOGE Marketing Plans: Promoted Coins on Coinsniper and Coinhunt, Huge Twitter and YT Marketing, Cute TG Stickers, Reddit Posts, Applying to CMC, CG and TechRate Audit, Weekly Giveaways, investing in Tech and Start Ups that can provide solutions to global problems , etc. Stay Tuned! 🔥
As I always say. PLEASE do your own research before investing. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose. Any project is not without its potential pitfalls, so be smart! That being said, I highly recommend this project!
Genie will always have your back no matter how crazy it gets in the crypto world!
But for this to work and make the quest easier….
BUY - Buy your genie tokens from a supported platform (min 200 million tokens required for BNB rewards and for the lottery)
HODL - It can be scary with these perilous creatures, but genie will look after you so hold those tokens tight. (min 200 million tokens required for BNB rewards and for the lottery)
SUPPORT - Shill, vote and engage in the community this will make the magic stronger
💰Supply -50T💰
🤑Tokenomics Buy/Sell:
3% Marketing & Development
2% Liquidity
1% Lottery In BNB
🔥Manual burns🔥
🤓Ability to change max tx and max wallet holdings🤓
👾Classic arcade games,NFTS and wallet, trading card game……..much more planned👾
🏆Giveaways and competitions🏆
🚀Contract: 0x64a56c6a4dca2c2653bb6e6b11ec6b073bcc0d42
🚀Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x64a56c6a4dca2c2653bb6e6b11ec6b073bcc0d42
🚀 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x64a56c6a4dca2c2653bb6e6b11ec6b073bcc0d42#readContract
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2021.09.17 17:25 Northruption The MOASS will happen in my city

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2021.09.17 17:25 ManFromGroveStreet How Ij It Homiejj

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2021.09.17 17:25 Skullbonez Sister to visit the college in Aachen, dorm application was rejected. How hard is it to find a studio to rent?

To describe the situation, my sister lives in Germany and has completed the Gymnasium there and can speak German almost at a native level (I think it is actually impossible to learn it at that lvl). She lives about 1-2h away by train from Aachen, but that kind of commute is not really compatible with a good college experience.
She is not a German citizen yet, so there is also the problem of being rejected due to the Romanian Passport (experienced tons of issues because of it so far, including when they searched for an apartment initially 5 years ago).
Are there any other options? She already contacted almost every property that was in her budget from immoscout24+a few FB groups and only got one reply from a guy asking double 500Eur (whereas all properties on immoscout were in the range of 200-300). Money is not a problem, but we are not looking to get swindled either.
Is it realistic to try and find one by next week? If not, how long would it typically take to find a place to stay while in college.
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