Is there a way to remove Like and Retweet button from all Twitter posts?

2021.09.17 18:47 Ortamis Is there a way to remove Like and Retweet button from all Twitter posts?

I was recently thinking how the number of likes and retweets that I see on Twitter subconsciously affects my behavior, how I feel and what posts I value so I was wondering if any of you know of a method or some sort of script that I could use to remove the like and retweet button under all Twitter posts.
My goal is to have something like this when I scroll through my Twitter feed:
Would really appreciate the help
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2021.09.17 18:47 mcni21 scorpFin successful project

scorpFin successful project depends on how the entire system team works, and here the team is very solid and experienced in their field. You can see the future by their vision.
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2021.09.17 18:47 cookingwithanadi Hari Mirchi Ka Paratha Recipe | Green Chilli-Stuffed Paratha Recipe | Ho...

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2021.09.17 18:47 AwkwardeJackson Nine years later, suspect arrested in murder of UNC student Faith Hedgepeth

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2021.09.17 18:47 salute28 i am so mad right now i get it u can dislike soft mod or any mod for that matter but to go this far and edit the wiki page to spread ur hate??

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2021.09.17 18:47 archie1185 Offered Aaron Jones and Waller for Cook and Higbee

I think Cook will be the better back this year but is prone to injuries. Waller is a stud.
Do I take the assumedly slightly lesser back to get Waller? Or do these even out overall?
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2021.09.17 18:47 bluetenthousand How big a step up should we expect from OG this season?

With Norm and Kyle gone, and Siakam injured to start the season, someone is going to have to fill the scoring void.
How many points a game should we expect OG to average this season?
Last year he was essentially averaging 16 pts per game. Is it too much to expect him to go for over 20 pts per game this season?
For reference: Pascal was the only player on the Raptors to exceed 20 pts per game.
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2021.09.17 18:47 Mujigayy Iso: invitation to the life span

Hi I'm looking for: Invitation to the Lifespan (4th ed., Utah Custom) by Kathleen Stassen Berger
Publisher: Macmillan Learning ISBN: 978-1319140649
If anyone has this as a pdf that would be awesome!
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2021.09.17 18:47 Ok_Ad_285 We climbing!!!

We are ascending!
I woke up and it was chilly out.
I can smell it.
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2021.09.17 18:47 Apprehensive_Plate60 SUSEP - P/F

Just curious what will happen if one gets F for susep? Do they need to take back their mods from their own uni?
And aren't most people gg for susep ppl with high gpa trying to map hard mods to get easy AUs?
Isn't it sad if we are grouped to those who dgaf cos of their pass/fail status and end up sabotaging the grades of students in their own uni-s?? Esp group project, imagine tanking it to get a sub-par score cos of these people..... If the threshold for passing is not high, doubtful that a 0 for peer assessment will even fail him right?

Rich get richer, higher gpa get higher bah haha 😅
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2021.09.17 18:47 sorry_wine_robbery Name the extentions

Name the extentions When ever watching presentation or pictures that include browser window am curious to know the extentions people use. In this case I can't name any, that is why I reach out to you. Please help name the extentions :D For the sake of order, starting from left to right. Total of 8 extentions.

Nick Shadrin's Chrome extentions.
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2021.09.17 18:47 Rickle_Pickl3 SHIB!!

Please add SHIB!!! I want to have all of my investments on one app
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2021.09.17 18:47 Embarrassed_Laugh_19 Reisen ins Ausland (Test)

Schönen guten Tag mir steht ein Flug bevor und ich frage mich ob ich als vollständig geimpfte Person unbedingt einen pcr Test für 70€ machen muss oder ob es reicht einen Schnelltest bei einem zertifizierten Abstrichzenteum zu machen. Möglicherweise hat jemand bereits Erfahrungen gesammelt wie das AKTUELL so ist am Flughafen. Danke 🙏
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2021.09.17 18:47 Fulchyman Sometimes Ted just likes to have his bed outside!

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2021.09.17 18:47 rrrrr0n_szponge This what Walmart CS told me. 8/25 order.

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2021.09.17 18:47 delemojo [H] Skeleton Slaughter MW [W] M9 Slaughter MW + AWP Lightning + Deagle Sunset Storm

Or Deagle Jörmungander instead of the Sunset Storm.
b/o: M9 Slaughter MW + AWP Lightning FN + Deagle Sunset Storm FN

Tradelink: *here*
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2021.09.17 18:47 JovahnSimmons When you forget to wear your mask at work

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2021.09.17 18:47 hanas_lin Petersburg: Tomorrow (9/18) Tri-Cities Pride River Street Market Takeover. 9am-12pm.

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2021.09.17 18:47 foxforbox kid at my school with the strongest bones

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2021.09.17 18:47 sanctum502 Series Questions

I’m a regular writer for a certain TV show – a pretty old one, but still has more than enough writers and readers active (mostly because the franchise continues). I usually write action/adventure fics which mostly fits with the show’s style.
I started writing about two years ago. Some months ago I started a series of fics – an imaginary Season Four (the show itself was cancelled three seasons in) in which I wrote stand-alone stories that could function (in my headcanon at least) as episodes of the show. It’s doing reasonably well.
Only, I’ve got two older fics that fit the style and can function as episodes. I’m considering adding them to the series.
Would this annoy readers? Many of my regular readers have also read those fics, so I’m worried whether they would feel upset I just merged the older fics with the series.
What do you guys think? Would it annoy you if a writer did this? Would you be more or less inclined to check out the fics and the series?
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2021.09.17 18:47 JackieSchwartz59 Life is better with Yorkies

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2021.09.17 18:47 Shagrrotten Action Movie Tournament: 1 vs 16 (#4)

I set it up like an American college basketball tournament where we have 64 movies and I seeded them the only way that made sense to me, by number of IMDb votes each movies got. There are 4 brackets set up 1-16 with the #1 battling the #16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14, and so on.
Now we move on to our final 1 vs 16 matchup, after seeing The Dark Knight, The Matrix, and Fellowship of the Ring move onto the next round of the tournament, now we come to what I think is a really interesting battle: Luc Besson’s Leon (The Professional to some people) versus William Friedkin’s second 16 seed, To Live and Die in LA.
However you vote is your choice, you can vote based on what movie you think has the best action, or what you think is the best movie, or whatever. It’s up to you.
I will be changing the poll each day, since it will take us a long time to get through this.
View Poll
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2021.09.17 18:47 Gloomy_Vermicelli_62 I lose 100+ karma a day simply arguing with idiots. I know it sounds insane, but peep this in-depth, totally transcendental, technical analysis of the process...

  1. Let me first say that, of course, I agree with the current sentiments floating in your head after reading such a preposterous heading... if “arguing with idiots” is one thing that we can agree on, it’s a really efficient way to expend important energy. However, in the next couple points, I want to try and make some meaning of it.
  2. The crypto space is filled with idiots. Any endeavor I ever began started as the literal folly of a fool. I had ideas, I had some support, but really, it was mistakes that channeled me towards success. Lots of fucking mistakes. Lots of losses. In truth, where there is more depth, there must be less span. Not everyone is Michael Saylor... haha but there are certainly LOTS of people who are going to represent the initial crypto trader, complete with all their tendency.
  3. We are the Shepards. Who will help the idiot in their journey? Are we to watch on while idiots support projects that are shit? It MUST be a “all for one and one for all” camaraderie that organized these blessed and sanctified halls of diamondry. We must start to realize that the public perception of any one crypto trader is the perception of all cryptocurrency traders. We must do our best to channel the young calf away from the forests edge, to starve out the wolves.
  4. Final thought - Id like you to consider desperately wasting most of your energy all day, arguing with idiots... so that we elevate the caliber of this divine profession. No longer can we afford to stand idly by, HODLing our well-audited projects and hoping that this new innovative space gets thorough it’s adolescence! We must see any shit coin supporter as a potentially ignorant person (some are just savage gamblers) and do our very best to aid in their ascension.
Now, if you’re with me, SAYYYY AYYYYE!
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2021.09.17 18:47 KillerGTS Blessing and a curse of living in a big city, many witnesses yet poor transmit scale

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2021.09.17 18:47 kpcwazabi Good DAC to pair with iFi Zen Can?

Any recs for a good DAC to pair with the iFi Zen Can? I'm currently using my PC's built in DAC. My budget's at around $100, I'm not too sure if I wanna stretch for the Zen DAC v2 and complete the stack, but if the DAC itself is worth the $150 then I'll consider it! I'm personally looking for a DAC with a lot of versatility and can go mobile, like a Qudelix 5k or BTR5. BT isn't a must, but I'm not sure if those two can act as a pre-amp?
I'm currently using some Hifiman Sundara's but those will likely stay at my desk. I also use a pair of Moondrop Arias for commute/everyday stuff.
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