2021.10.27 07:28 Exact-Republic4472 V

We proudly present GOLDEN DONUT TOKEN !! 🚀
Golden Donut is a new token that will feed your wallet with BNB rewards.
With our BuyBack system, Keep Calm!
The automatic purchase system is in place, which means it will slow down the falls and ACCELERATE the increases!
But we don’t stop there : The longer you keep the Token, the more it will help people in need around the world by providing them with water ! So don’t choke on your Golden Donut, let him feed your wallet and help to provide water to people across the globe instead!
A project based on the Long Term, with a serious mission: the construction of wells internationally with partnership !
- A Programmed Burn according to the number of holders with total potential BURN TO 80% 🔥
- A Team made up of several agency founders with MORE THAN 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE in Marketing 🤯
10 years ago the United Nations recognized that “the right to drinking water and sanitation is a fundamental right, essential for the full enjoyment of life and the exercise of all human rights” But today more than 2.1 billion people, so 30% of the population all around the world, still don’t have access to drinking water services.
→ With GoldenDonut participate in reducing the percentage at your scale 🙌🏼
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Tax: 10%
7% : BNB Rewards for our holders 💸
1% : Liquidity for better stability
1% : BuyBack
1% : High Level Marketing to increase the visibility of the token ! 🥇
Contract: 0xcec516645717eaef9bc3bb1d1abbffce68c30911
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xcec516645717eaef9bc3bb1d1abbffce68c30911
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xB6b890ccFB3E753e1adC4905fcc874947D624070
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xcec516645717eaef9bc3bb1d1abbffce68c30911#readContract
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2021.10.27 07:28 Reefyw View of South Lake from the top of my tree in the backyard

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2021.10.27 07:28 bgssympa where can i watch the specials ?

i just found out in myanimelist that some specials exist " Nichijou: Original Jikai Yokoku " 25 of 30 sec episodes.
this was asked once by someone with no response
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2021.10.27 07:28 Serious_Structure964 I started wellbutrin 150mg XR 7 days ago along my 20mg of Prozac to fight the fatigue but I am even more tired now, is it normal ?

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2021.10.27 07:28 lambsauce316 Mizoram: COVID-19 recoveries outnumber new cases; death toll at 422

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2021.10.27 07:28 Sufficient-Rock-2880 All white

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2021.10.27 07:28 NORDLAN Russia, Ukraine see record daily deaths, low vaccinations

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2021.10.27 07:28 Soto_17 Darkrai on me, 0871 9572 4615/ 8431 2984 4912

Be online, will start in a few mins
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2021.10.27 07:28 roughandnerdy 24F having a pretty slow boring day anyone up for a chat

Hey, today has been pretty slow and boring. Recently I got cheated on, and what else to do than talk to strangers. Maybe we can share similar stories. Have some interesting fun convos. Some things about me, I love swimming (used to do it in school but now just a hobby haha I love being wet), I'm a writer currently working as a journalist. I enjoy fast food it is my guilty pleasure. If anyone is also having a boring day and up for a fun chat lets do it. I have insta and thats prefered if you got one too
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2021.10.27 07:28 joecobragaming Predator 2 | Joe Cobra Retro Review

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2021.10.27 07:28 BiAndBig918 Tulsa couple looking for clean bisexual man who wants there dick sucked please dm me

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2021.10.27 07:28 goodnewsjimdotcom Discovered the fate of my favorite canned soup: American Beauty-> Government acquirement(No Soup for you!)

Discovered the fate of my favorite canned soup: American Beauty-> Government acquirement(No Soup for you!) Hello,
In this weird new government of distributed goods... American Beauty canned soup is no longer available for public purchase. It is now only available for rationing via government feeding programs. I'll keep a can with me in remembrance of this 10/10 soup.
No soup for me... New government in charge.
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2021.10.27 07:28 Hipsterchief114 If you’re feeling down, then here’s a pic of Brendan Fraiser!

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2021.10.27 07:28 IndianColoniser Gday how are you today?

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2021.10.27 07:28 Motor-Ad-8858 George Butler, Documentary Filmmaker Whose Subjects Included Schwarzenegger, Dies At 78

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2021.10.27 07:28 Zara_le_sage Otez-moi d'un doute, Arnaud Montebourg est bien candidat à la Présidentielle ?

Le pauvre... La gamelle qu'il risque de prendre ! 🙄
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2021.10.27 07:28 acidsiefer "Well, I happened across a couple of items. Artefacts, you might say. Of the elder variety." ~Sliske in Missing, Presumed Death.

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2021.10.27 07:28 frieddurian /r/technology top posts: Oct 27, 2021

  1. Bitcoin is largely controlled by a small group of investors and miners, study finds\ (3892 comments)
  2. Apple is ready to admit it was wrong about the future of laptops\ (960 comments)
  3. Raytheon Will Lose 'Several Thousand' Workers Due to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate - CEO\ (226 comments)
  4. Viewing website HTML code is not illegal or “hacking,” prof. tells Missouri gov. - Professor demands that governor halt "baseless investigation" and apologize.\ (219 comments)
  5. Twitter Data Has Revealed A Coordinated Campaign Of Hate Against Meghan Markle\ (182 comments)
  6. Whistleblower Frances Haugen says Facebook's investment in the 'metaverse' shows how its priorities are all wrong\ (111 comments)
  7. Facebook Deletes Video From Brazilian President Who Falsely Said Vaccines Give People AIDS | The bizarre video was left up for three days before finally getting pulled.\ (102 comments)
  8. The ‘Dune’ Screenplay Was Written in MS-DOS\ (101 comments)
  9. U.S. Department of Justice Likely to File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple\ (74 comments)
  10. Mark Zuckerberg called to testify before the Senate following Instagram reports\ (69 comments)
  11. Photoshop’s AI Is Now So Fast That Hovering Over Objects Instantly Creates Perfect Masks | Masking was once a painstaking photo-editing process. Now it's instantaneous.\ (58 comments)
  12. Warren to Zuckerberg: 'It is time to break up Facebook'\ (56 comments)
  13. YouTube will begin demonetizing 'low-quality' kids videos next month\ (53 comments)
  14. Artificial Intelligence Has Found an Unknown 'Ghost' Ancestor in The Human Genome\ (47 comments)
  15. Privacy is a Human Right\ (45 comments)
  16. Five points for anger, one for a ‘like’: How Facebook’s formula fostered rage and misinformation\ (24 comments)
  17. 150 mph without a driver: Indy autonomous cars gear up for race\ (18 comments)
  18. How Facebook fails 90 percent of its users\ (15 comments)
  19. FBI raids PAX technology\ (14 comments)
  20. Russian Hackers Reportedly Hid Behind Americans' Home Networks to Mask Their Cyber Espionage\ (12 comments)
  21. 'Avalanche' of allegations against Facebook raises new questions\ (9 comments)
  22. Food-grade solvent can be used to extract rare earth metals from coal ash\ (6 comments)
  23. Facebook is having a tougher time managing vaccine misinformation than it is letting on, leaks suggest\ (5 comments)
  24. FCC revokes authorization of China Telecom's U.S. unit\ (5 comments)
  25. Former Zuckerberg staff members sue companies that run CEO's family office, alleging harassment, discrimination\ (2 comments)
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2021.10.27 07:28 Sketzu Mr. Shillz LAUNCHING SOON!!!

Mr. Shillz is a full-blown one-stop marketing agency! Usecase already running, no roadmaps needed!
The devv is doxxed, and on constant video calls in the main Telegram group ✌️
So I see you wonder, what is Mr. Shillz? 👀
We are a fullblown one-stop-shop for crypto marketing💥, for both existing and launching projects. We have the utmost priority of connecting secure, legit influencers with prevetted projects, so at the end of the day, both parties can feel secure at what they do. ✅
We are not a project that promises utility x months from now, our utility has been live, working and making revenue for months now🌎. having great contracts with various influencers across all platforms to be able to provide our clients safe, and their moneys worth of marketing. 💯
Also our native token will be highly represented in all transactions, and provides a constant boost to the chart and buy pressure 📈 50% OF ALL REVENUE OUR BUSINESS MAKES IS DIRECTED INTO BUYBACK! 📢📢
On top of that we are hosting a private KYC service, for projects that either want added trust or are slightly hesitant of public doxxing. 💯✅
Mr. Shillz is providing JOB opportunities look at the information below 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 As an very added specialty, our project allows us to have plenty of work opportunity for those who want to change the course of their fortune by doing work, rather than relying on luck 🤝💪
BUY 🟢🟢 2% Liquidity 2% burn 2% Redistributed to the holders 2% Developer wallet
SELL 🔴🔴 4% Liquidity 4%burn 4% Redistributed to holders 4% Dev wallet
Socials 📸 ✅
Whitepaper 🍀 https://www.mrshillz.net/whitepaper
Website 🔗 http://mrshillz.net
Telegram Mainchat 🔵 https://t.me/MrShillzOfficial
Discord channel✅ https://discord.gg/4X6smQKFkz
Twitter 🐦 https://twitter.com/Mr_Shillz?s=09
Instagram 📸 https://instagram.com/mr_shillz?utm_medium=copy_link
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2021.10.27 07:28 BrigadierGeneral96 Just found out there away to get a mortgage and only pay a few hundred a month on it. You just need to be disabled!

It’s called the Rural Development Loan. Just keep in mind it’s for places with a population of under 30k.
If your interested please follow this link—> https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/single-family-housing-programs
You can then select your state and apply. Long you have at least 2 years of employment and around a 650 credit score.
If you have that, you’ll be fine. After you apply the loan agent will help you start the disability verification. This can be signed by a doctor.
—> https://www.rd.usda.gov/files/NE-303_Certificate_of_Disability_or_Handicap.pdf
If you have this, your payment could as low as 25$ a month. That includes insurance and property taxes.
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2021.10.27 07:28 FREISKAMAZE Little study with Frida

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2021.10.27 07:28 BeardedBaldMan Node.JS & Request - Working in simple case but not working inside a function

I'm doing some web scraping and my initial trial script works fine. I then came to tidy it up and for some reason a section of previously working code is not working.
Here is my very simple working test case
This is the stripped down example showing the fault
The following is called in line 10 and immediately returns with no error, the callback function is never called.

 request(url, (error, response, html) => { if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) { const $ = cheerio.load(html); //It never enters this point }else{ console.log(error); } }); 
This is the messy code I am basing it off which currently works
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2021.10.27 07:28 Efeahasbeenjoined Gümbür x2 Moments. #10

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2021.10.27 07:28 opalmelalisa Ingrid Swimsuit Fanart~

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2021.10.27 07:28 Kamijiroutodomomo Bringing this always because we need to win. Please go vote for todomomo everyone if you haven't already!

Bringing this always because we need to win. Please go vote for todomomo everyone if you haven't already! submitted by Kamijiroutodomomo to TodoMomo [link] [comments]