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Controller support

2021.12.07 17:48 revenantplayerNo1337 Controller support

Hey, just have a question about something that hasn't been addressed since the console port release of the game.
Has the PC version updated their controller support or is it's still wonky? I remember trying it back afew years ago and the controller couldn't even navagate the menus.
Any info is appreciated, have a good day!
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2021.12.07 17:48 Illustrious_Put_942 [kik Jackpoly5697] Anyone wanna Jerk off and cum to my chubby latina friend (Tributes are preferred )

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2021.12.07 17:48 No_Procedure_9951 Ideas for making ADCs fun to play during laning phase.

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2021.12.07 17:48 WillShowBoobs4Moons Buy QUACK on MexC. Save 10% on all trading fees for life with referral code 1EJEy

Or use code 1EJEy at signup
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2021.12.07 17:48 Sugarsnowqueen Hope everyone is doing well!

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2021.12.07 17:48 Economy_Onion_1756 Liberty Defense has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to beta test HEXWAVE at the Camden Yards Sports Complex (TSXV: SCAN)

Liberty Defense's HEXWAVE threat detection system has secured another big contract for beta testing. The Maryland Stadium Authority has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to beta test HEXWAVE at the Camden Yards Sports Complex in the City of Baltimore, which is home to the Baltimore Orioles and the Ravens. The Camden Yard Sports Complex has seating capacity of approximately 45,000 for Orieles games and 72,000 for Ravens games.
In case you've missed it, HEXWAVE is a threat detection device for venue security that uses low-power radar imaging and artificial intelligence to detect all types of concealed weapons for walkthrough, metal and non-metal.
"One of our key market verticals is sports and entertainment venues, and we are delighted to add Baltimore, home to two premier sports teams at the Camden Yards Sports Complex, to our beta testing program," says Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.
Source: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/liberty-defense-signs-maryland-stadium-125500717.html
This is not financial advice.
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2021.12.07 17:48 cheapbas Decisions, decisions

I have a 2007 SeaDweller that’s in pretty decent shape. I was thinking of sending it in for service and be without it for a few months.
I actually owned a DJ 41 two tone many years ago, sold it and regretted it. The SD was more me in the past, but I think the DJ is more me now.
My plan is to get down to one Watch and that will be it, whatever I have will be passed on.
So I have 2 choices, sell the SD and put the funds to the DJ.
Or, Keep the SD, and since it it’s going in anyway I’ll probably have it restored to brand spanking new condition. I realize there are those that frown upon this, but given my plans, it’ll probably stay in the family. For now, I am more interested in what I seeing looking down at my wrist than future value.
Just interested in opinions, but not harsh ones
To make matters worse, the Wimbledon dial is the most likely.
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2021.12.07 17:48 mckaylalopez Ah yes, cruel winter. A bop

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2021.12.07 17:48 xlLaziiveni Need a key ?

Someone need a key ? DM me
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2021.12.07 17:48 Intelligent-Bother22 What is your favorite performance from an actor/actress that was the villain in any given Marvel or DC movie?

I can't get enough of Willem Dafoe's performance in Spider-Man. Its fun, wacky, and sometimes he's downright intimidating. You couls definitely tell Willem Dafoe was having an absolutely fun time in the film.
I'm definitely interested in seeing what they will be doing with him in No Way Home.
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2021.12.07 17:48 Rockmaster47 Any eta updates on the shut down repairs?

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2021.12.07 17:48 ren_p2004 I Dumped My BF and Told Him He Needs to Get Ahold of His Life

Throwaway because my sister knows my main Reddit account. Excuse any bad text format, I’m on mobile.
I (17f) started long distance dating my (19 turning 20m) bf a couple of weeks ago. Throughout the relationship I always tried to be really supportive and loving towards him. He had an online web series which he’s very proud of and he would always send me any new posters or trailers for it, because his art/series is what originally drew me to him. I was always super supportive of his creations. Overtime I will admit he started to become a little too overwhelming because he would vent a lot about the same thing over and over. He would keep bringing up how people view him and his romantic relationships because of his high functioning autism and that they don’t understand what a nice guy he is. Or he would often mention how badly his past girlfriends treated him. I would always try my best to reassure him and tell him that I’m here for him now so he doesn’t have to worry about that with me. He would often vent about that among other things either related or not related to his having autism, which I of course had no problem with.
It only became frustrating one day when I wanted to talk about something that I went through. Without going into detail, it involved someone touching me without my consent. Before I could really finish my story he interrupted me and started talking about how “that’s just like how my ex-best friend was butting into my life.” Then he started venting about his ex-best friend after already talking about that situation countless times. I didn’t really get to finish. I will admit at that point I unfortunately got a bit upset, but I tried to not get too angry and sternly told him that I don’t like how I always listen to him but if I ever try to talk about me for once he interrupts and doesn’t let me talk. Then he started getting really sad and said that he’s sorry for being such an awful person and that he should just be quiet and stop talking about him so much and stop being a terrible boyfriend, and that it’s because of his autism that he acts the way he does. That made me feel really awful about what I said. After that he told me to finish my story and I told him I didn’t really want to anymore because the moment passed and I was still kind of hurt. He kept telling me to finish and I tried telling him that I wasn’t up for it anymore, but he wouldn’t stop so I did end up telling him in the end and he told me that maybe the person who touched me without my consent was really lonely and that’s why he did what I did. I kind of just dropped the subject at that point because I was already out of it.
In total we dated for 4 days, but the talking period was longer than that. He was already telling me he loved me in such little time and making plans to marry me, live with me, and have kids with me, but my parents didn’t even know about him at the time. Apparently he had already told his mom all about me. He is in college right now, but he doesn’t work or drive and doesn’t plan to. He knows I drive and have my college plans laid out for when I graduate. He also does not have any clear plans for what he plans to do fo his career. He is currently in art school and he says he wants to one day turn his YouTube series into a real company. I have dated in the past, and I made it clear that my best friend who I still spend time with (since we’ve known each other since we were born) did date me in my freshman year. We just grew apart in the relationship, and we’re still very close but I have ABSOLUTELY no feelings for him. I made this clear to my bf so he would know about it and it wouldn’t seem like I’m keeping things from him if he were to find out on his own, he assured me it was okay so I felt secure in that aspect.
However, I still felt like he wasn’t exactly on my level. If I ever tried to talk about myself he would turn it into something about him. When I said I was out with friends he would bring me down and say how he wishes he knew the feeling of spending time with friends but his are always busy because they either work or are in school. I would attempt to invite him on discord calls to talk with my friends and I but he would always turn me down. He also would obsessively post my face all over his account and basically brag about me being his girlfriend and I didn’t have the heart to ask him to stop because I knew the last time I pointed out a flaw of his he got really upset and told me he was an awful person/boyfriend. He also mentioned that when he told his mom about me she said legally since I’m above 16 we can do you know what. I just didn’t really know how to feel about it after awhile so I did what I felt was right at the time...
When I did eventually break up with him I explained that he didn’t seem emotionally mature enough to be in a relationship yet and if I ever plan on dating someone long term I need them to have clear cut goals like I do. I’ll be honest I did lecture him about some of the thing he did because I wanted him to be able to grow from this and maybe be better in his future relationships, but maybe that was wrong. In the end I wasn’t sure if I even did the right thing or not. Reddit help me out. What should I do? Did I make the wrong decision? Should I get back together with him and give it another shot?
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2021.12.07 17:48 PM_SHINIES_PLS LF: Dratini, Bagon FT: Pearl Exclusives, Ask

Looking to breed a dragonite to get BP for helpful items. The HA ability is a plus but just getting dratini would be very helpful. Let me know if you need any pearl exclusives and if I have them, I'd be happy to trade them for the dratini. Thank you!
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2021.12.07 17:48 luna_ksn What you think? | 19F

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2021.12.07 17:48 Tropiusite An Opinion Discussion/Poll For a Non-Existent New PvE Server/Cluster Type

Greetings fellow disappointed server hunters and/or curious readers! I've been on an expansive search for a suitable Ark server for a friend and I to play on that isn't ancient... I've been trying for little over a month now with no results. Maybe you're like us and have a similar idea of what you'd like in a server. This is your chance to make your voice heard and maybe, just maybe, this will be seen by someone who has the means and desire to host the servecluster we've been waiting for!
Before you read on, I feel it necessary to say that this post will be way wordier than necessary for the sake of discussion; some of which may or may not be a little ranty and/or salt. This post is basically a plea for help after all! If you're sensitive to harsh language, worry not, it's all PG. If you just want the tl;dr I'll have a section at the end for the basic idea of what kind of cluster I'd like to see.
So, what is this jaded weirdo looking for exactly? Well, let's start with what I DON'T like to see. I'm tired of servers advertising themselves as low rates and it being the very NOT low modifier of x5 taming. I'm tired of seeing servers with a billion-and-one mods on them (ESPECIALLY YOU CASTLES, KEEPS, AND FORTS!). We're ALL tired of the spam posts that advertise the same clusters every other day.
With all that established, what is my ideal set up for rates? Anything not mentioned here should be assumed stays vanilla but there's a LOT of rates aside from the basic ones I'll be covering that I may have an opinion on.

  1. Taming - x2 OR x2.5. I believe this is sufficient for taming that still requires reasonable resources and doesn't take forever using optimal taming foods; ya know, actually make it something you work towards instead of taming Rexes with some Raw Meat and still getting 95%+ Taming Effectiveness.
  2. Experience - x2. I don't have much of an opinion regarding this setting to be frank. x1 would be a bit slow but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. Anything higher than x3 is just silly though.
  3. Gathering - x3. While I could settle for as low as x1.5, gathering materials is mostly a chore and reducing that time without making it outright busted seems mandatory to not being bored out of your mind.
  4. Mating Interval - x4. Allows almost all creatures to breed anywhere between 4.5 hours to 12 hours after each attempt; pretty straightforward to allow you to attempt to make progress on your breeding lines at least once a day.
  5. Maturation - x8. Similarly to the choice of mating interval multiplier, this allows most creatures to reach adulthood within a reasonable time frame to have them ready to use/mate the following day or possibly even later the same day.
  6. Cuddle Interval - This is more of just a mention for two reasons; Firstly, I don't completely understand how to change this setting to make sure all creatures can be fully imprinted before adulthood, which should definitely be an option. Secondly, the S+ Nanny exists; making changing the cuddle interval setting trivial should it be available... you'd be hard pressed to find a modded server not using S+.
Now, mods are a more delicate matter. There's a lot of different tastes mods appeal to. Just making your life easier, automating some tedious tasks like picking up eggs so you don't have to check every 30 minutes. I'd wager it's the main reason S+ is ubiquitous (I'm totally cool with S+ on my servers btw... I'm not that outlandish). Mods that allow you to make more intricate or just plain nicer looking bases. This is sadly where my tastes differ from what I think is most PvE players. I couldn't care less about building; the load time increase just isn't worth it imo. In general, I like low impact mods so you can load in quick, transfers are as smooth as butter, and crashes/DCs aren't too bad (usually).
I suspect mod selection, or lack thereof, will always be at the forefront of what makes you interested or scoff at a server. So, let me just lay out the few choice mods I personally think are "all you need" for a more grounded Ark experience. I'll leave a tl;dr for the mods section because I go more in-depth on the reasons behind those selected.
  1. S+ - A mandatory mention because 99.99% of us have been using it since it came out and the idea of losing automation on some tedious tasks is just dreadful.
  2. Awesome Spyglass! (Or any stat revealing substitute really) - If you're big on collecting high-end loot and/or tames like I am, this mod cuts out a TON of the wasted time going to worthless drops or downing that level 140-150 creature just to realize "Uh oh! It's not good!". I primarily think of this one over others because of its ability to scout out loot drops and not have the creature stat HUD instantly disappear after you lose focus, very handy! I can't speak for Bitou2k's Binocular but it's definitely a vast improvement over Super Spyglass. The aura outline for creatures is overpowered however, that should imo be disabled for all players in the INI.
  3. Better Spawns - Now this is one you might not have heard of. A very basic, very low impact mod. It makes wild creatures on official maps like The Island or Aberration have their levels more like those of Ragnarok or Valguero; not all below Lv. 100! Wildcard not making this part of the vanilla experience is the crime to end all Ark crimes in my eyes and that is saying a LOT.
  4. And... that's it! That is the bare minimum I have been looking for in my mod selection. Asking a lot, I know.
But is that really the end of what I like in mods personally? No, it's not.
  1. Kraken's Better Dinos - An outright superior version of Better Spawns in that it also revamps tons of creatures that can make some that were formerly useless have a purpose, even if not groundbreaking for most. (Also an INI slog for those who care to fine tune the mod) Being able to breed tons of creatures that couldn't before is also just plain awesome! (I'm a big Karkinos fan myself~) However, it is a pretty fat mod, it does conflict with the idea of having low impact and mods do exist to allow the breeding of creatures that normally can't. Heck, even the S+ Mutator can do that... even if it is expensive, janky, and doesn't allow imprinting bonus.
  2. Dino Tracker - Low concern mod, but being able to track your tames you've left in a weird place or tames-to-be left in a field somewhere you might not remember exactly, convenient! The search function for wild creatures; while not mandatory and I wouldn't argue against disabling it, I believe is a huge plus. Sometimes what you're looking for is hidden and inaccessible within the terrain of the map cause ARK just be like that sometimes or is something tiny and mobile like a Featherlight.
  3. Stacking Mod - Another low concern mod and there's tons of variants of stacking mod out there. I'm not even sure myself what's best for weight (I can safely say the 90% reduction one is excessive at least) but making stacks higher is a blessing for organizing your inventories and keeping that Raw Prime Meat or Raw Mutton last a use-able amount of time!
TL;DR on Mods: S+, Spyglass Mod preferring Awesome Spyglass! with creature auras disabled, Kraken's Better Dinos OR Better Spawns. Dino Tracker and a stacking mod as optional QoL.
With rates and mods out of the way, the last thing I want to touch on is what makes a cluster a cluster. What maps should it have? Well, this is where things get more conventional. Basically all official maps such as The Island, Aberration, Extinction, Gen 1&2; you get the idea, everything except Scorched Earth cause everyone hates Scorched Earth. (I don't actually hate Scorched Earth but I digress) I realize it may not be possible to run them all at once, rotations of less popular maps monthly or so would be fine; but that's more of a discussion for if this post actually goes anywhere or not.
When it comes to unofficial maps... I could do without all of em but if Scorched Earth would be omitted Ragnarok is an obvious band-aid for those of us who like Wyverns. I don't think it's a bold claim to say most people like Ragnarok way more regardless. Valguero is another one I'd be a bit sad not to see but it's not really "necessary" either. And you know what? I love The Center, but I realize it is the least important of these three in terms of creature availability. Now, for the elephant in the room, the new upcoming unofficial map Lost Island... yeah, it should be top priority over even official maps since obviously a new map draws in player interest. I'd go as far as if this strikes a chord with someone looking to host a server similar to these ideals but can only do one it should be Lost Island.
And... that concludes my thoughts about this discussion, so now it's time for the "poll" part of this, the part where you can give your vague opinion about this without even having to comment! I'm open to further discussion in the comments; however, I can't guarantee I'll be around to see what's said too often. Your input is valuable even just as a conversation piece and it would be exciting to see this evolve into a discussion surrounding starting a new server or even a whole cluster with a similar vision to the one I've laid out here; even if the tweaks suggested ultimately end up alienating myself from the final theoretical product. I'd be glad to have given a starting point to some people who have been looking for their own slightly unorthodox way of playing the game!

TL;DR: I'm reaching out to others who don't have a place to discuss maybe creating a server or entire cluster of servers around having ACTUAL low rates, none higher than x3 aside from creature breeding related ones. While also having a very small list of low impact mods; these being S+, Awesome Spyglass! (Or other spyglass variant) and either Kraken's Better Dinos if one somewhat hefty mod is excusable OR Better Spawns to make creatures on official ARK maps have tolerable level distribution. Optional extra mod pitches being Dino Tracker and a stacking mod of some sort that isn't overpowered. In terms of maps try to include all official ARK maps if possible and probably the popular unofficials such as Ragnarok, Valguero and the upcoming Lost Island, this new map even being top priority imo if only a single server could be hosted. If you've got something to say about this topic either sum it up with the poll I've put on this post and/or leave a comment. Any input would be much appreciated! (I'm sorry the poll doesn't have more options, didn't realize it had a limit.)
View Poll
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2021.12.07 17:48 _u_r__d_r_u_n_k_ Remember that time when that youtuber (noodle) got sponsored by a company that sells s€x toys?

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2021.12.07 17:48 oreothecatgirl haha soo true😆

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2021.12.07 17:48 Azworn [NA/PC/PVX] Corrosion - Looking for Active Gamers

━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✧︱Hello Adventurer!! - Welcome to Corrosion! We are an actively growing community looking for new/returning/veteran players who are willing to progress in the game whether it be in lifeskill, sailing, or combat. We're a chill and active group of gamers so come join the community, we don't bite! Guild Offers ━━━━━━ ⊰ - Weekly Khan ⊰ - Garmoth CTGs ⊰ - Chill/Active Community ⊰ - Sea Monster Missions on Command ⊰ - GVGs, Battle Arenas, RBF, and Friendly Tournaments ⊰ - Soon - Guild Teams and Team Activities ⊰ - Active Discord Community ⊰ - Weekly Vell Taxis ⊰ - Grind Groups ⊰ - Movie Nights ⊰ - Scroll Groups ━━━━━━ Guild Requirements ⊰ - We require everyone in the guild to join the discord. (Mic not Req.) This is so that you have information on guild events, bosses, missions, and other activities or game rewards. ⊰ - We also ask everyone to be somewhat active however, we understand that most people have jobs, etc. ⊰ - We have no gear requirements. (Newbie Friendly) ━━━━━━━━━━━━ Notice: We will eventually become a PVP-oriented guild, doing T1 node wars and so forth. You will not be required to participate. ━━━━━━━━━━━━ Recruitment Bell#1994 TheSanityBacon#1522 [NA]BREAKER™#7152 Hope to see you soon Adventurer!
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2021.12.07 17:48 boggggggle How would it feel to be an actor/actress and watch yourself die/get killed on screen?

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2021.12.07 17:48 abrandonf I'm a deathcore/death metal vocalist

17(18 in 2 weeks), male. Looking for a deathcore band, anyone looking for a vocalist please PM me. I specialize in lows/gutterals but i'm comfortable with highs as well as mids, tunnels, goblins, etc. Currently tired of being in shitty bands and just want to release good quality music that I love. I own a Shure SM57 mic and have FL studio as well.
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2021.12.07 17:48 pbuttles Scholarships for Crossing the Finish Line?

TL;DR I'm just shy of finishing out college debt-free but I'm not sure I can swing the last semester. Any scholarships, stipends, grants to help stay afloat?
Hi all,
I'm a senior Physics and Math major at UNC Chapel Hill. I've done well in my studies and have been active in research for the majority of my time here. I've been working part- to full-time alongside my studies to help pay for college, including participating in an REU over the summer. I'm managing to graduate a year early, which shaves off a whole year of tuition, making debt-free graduation in the Spring almost within grasp! Almost.
I'm just a bit shy. I've had a lot of unexpected expenses (not getting a parking spot so I pay exorbitant amounts to park on the street, car breaking down, lack of car compounding things since I can no longer DoorDash alongside my main job, etc). It's a coin-toss as to whether I'll be able to support the workload for food/rent AND the tuition installment payment plan with my regular hourly work and still be able to have a chill end to college/not be working til 4am every Friday.
Are there any scholarships to help finish out the last leg of college? I know it would be fine for me to take on a semester of debt and I could conceivably pay it off in a few months into whatever job I get, but I've come this far and worked this hard, the thought of taking out loans now kind of makes my stomach turn. It's a bit of an ask though, very short notice, most awards are given for a full year, so I feel like I've missed the boat. Do you know of where I can find scholarships for my situation? I do not qualify for any need-based financial aid. Anything would help, not looking for some 5 figure golden ticket, a $500, $1000 award paid out at some point between January and May to help offset my expenses would be a massive help.
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2021.12.07 17:48 CurrencyNo1792 🎄 ChristmasBonk 🎄Hit that Christmas with us! | Very Low Marketcap 💎 | Contest with Prizes! 👑 | 7% BUSD Rewards! 🎁

ChristmasBonk is an new token on BSC with huge BUSD rewards for holding tokens 🎄🎄🎄 With our reward system, you'll never run out of BUSD for your christmas gifts 🎁🎁🎁
Token is created by an experienced team with many interesting ideas to expand the coin universe!
Contract: 0x236931af9aad134336d8dd8f3e4196216d422e88
💎Safe team
💎High level marketing
💎BUSD Rewards for HODL
💎Strong community
💎Liquidity locked
- 7% - Redistribution - To all ChristmasBonk hodlers as BUSD
- 5% - Liquidity – Sent to ChristmasBonk/BNB LP
- 1% - Marketing – Limitless promotion
SUPPLY: 10,000,000,000,000,000 ChristmasBonk Tokens
🔥 Community 🔥
💎 Site: https://christmasbonk.site
💎 Telegram: https://t.me/christmasbonk
💎 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChristmasBonk
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2021.12.07 17:48 HomeSliceJB Can you return to the mountain village in Yakuza 5?

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2021.12.07 17:48 dentherewas Cat needs medical care that is too expensive for me. Now I am not sure what to do.

Last august of 2021 I adopted my new cat, Henry Cavill(Yes, he is named after the actor!). He brightens up my day every time and I love him lots. I am a student and since he is 8 years old I decided to get an insurance for him. After a week I noticed he was shaking his head every so often. On which I decided to bring him to the vet. The vet gave me some medicine, but it didn’t help. So I went a couple of times and got a couple of treatments. Flash forward to today. I visited the vet again and they told me I needed to check the insurance, because they have a waiting list of 30 days. If during those 30 days the cat is treated for a certain problem all the other medical bills will not get funded. I checked and the vet was correct. Which means bigger treatment will not get compensated. The vet also told me that my cat probably needs a bigger treatment with a specialised vet for his ear infection. Which I simply do not have the money for. It is a tricky situation since I did everything I could do, yet I fall through the cracks everywhere.
Currently I am at a bit of loss. I contacted the insurance, the vet and the animal shelter, but no one could help me out. Being incredibly desperate for help, I asked the animal shelter if they could take him in again(very much against my will). They agreed and next week I can bring him in. Normally they won’t accept sick cats, but made an exception for my situation.
Now I am wondering if I made the right choice or that I should start a gofundme. Is there anyone who knows if that is a realistic option or if it’s better to bring him to the animal shelter? Or if there is a better option? I would love to hear some advice on the matter.
I honestly don’t want to lose my buddy, but I want him to get the treatment he needs…
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2021.12.07 17:48 Sanfords_Son Sundance Chlsee

Dealer quoted me $15700 for this tub with the added insulation, cold-weather cover, ozone system, cover lifter and steps. Is this at all reasonable?
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