Happy 70th Birthday Ambridge!

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2021.12.07 18:54 EmotionalPiglet Happy 70th Birthday Ambridge!

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2021.12.07 18:54 naromOG Need a buddy to do overwatch collectibles with

If anyone else is tryna do these add me on PSN: ETUAH
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2021.12.07 18:54 cakebuddy Never got called up for National Team

I’m a Korean ST 22 years old. OVR: 89
and never been called up for National team. Why is that?
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2021.12.07 18:54 Tuna_no_crust1154 Grandma Driving

Any chance Grandma Driving is a member? You're the goat.
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2021.12.07 18:54 MrMillerellim This unit of a megaladon tooth. Not my photos found on a shark teeth hunting page i follow.

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2021.12.07 18:54 BeigeListed ‘Alternative Mueller report’ prepared by team investigating Trump could be released by Justice Department

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2021.12.07 18:54 riiiiseup Has anyone ever applied to binding then circumstances occur where you can no longer afford to go?

Unless it was a T20 school, I don't really see why you'd wanna apply binding, when no scholarship is guaranteed
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2021.12.07 18:54 iDArK-KinG Unpopular opinion

I don't think sanji will get coC neither do I want to see sanji have coC but the reasoning behind it is totally different from the majority. I see a lot of people making claims like sanji doesn't have kingly ambitions. First of all I think it's total misconception about coC. There are many people who don't have any will to be a conqueror and still has it. Katakuri has it he works under bm doesn't want to be head of family doesn't want to be pk so how come he has it? People argued the same against Zoro and now the same guys are using zoro wanting to be the best swordsman as an excuse on how he has 'kingly ambitions'.
Now the reason why I personally don't want sanji to have coC is the same as why I didn't want zoro to have it. I don't think haki is the best power level system and even if people like luffy can get to the level of yonkos by learning it so fast can make sense as some people in the world are exceptionally talented and can achieve things early in life. If everyone in crew just does it then that's seriously lazy writing.
I know I will get a lot of hate but it's the same reason why I don't want all the straw hats to have even normal haki. For usopp it made sense and for monster trio to have it made sense that's why despite so many people wanting sh to have basic haki Oda never did it and I respected that. Now back to coC I always had a hunch it's going to have advanced levels and only luffy having this power up where he has best control on his df plus all three haki would be great. But people like sanji and zoro can power up in a lot of ways. They should hone their abilities further and improve in the fields they are lacking. And power up the things they are good in like sanji being good in coO but Zoro in coA.
So for the same reason I didn't want zoro to have it even though it's cool for him to have it. And same goes for sanji. If sanji can fight top tier with coC coating without himself using it that would be way more cool to see then to see him have coC. Even though I am pretty sure majority of fans who are against it have really bad reasoning and oda can again prove them wrong like he did with Zoro. I truly don't think sanji needs it he is a monster and will become a greater one without it.
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2021.12.07 18:54 condomtermite Mihin ikärajoituksen perustuvat?

Kysymykseni on varsin simppeli, eli mihin ihmeeseen suurin osa ikärajoista perustuvat? Otetaan nyt vaikkapa kaikista yleisin ikäraja, eli 18v, niin mihin perustuu se, että juuri tuolloin alkavat seuraavat asiat:

Onko siis jotain vahvaa tieteellistä näyttöä? Joku meta-analyysi, joka puoltaa sitä, että näiden asioiden pitää tapahtua juuri 18-vuotiaana? Puhumattakaan kaikista muista ikärajoista. Miksi esimerkiksi juuri 22-vuotiaana kaksoiskansalainen menettää Suomen kansalaisuuden, jos hänellä ei ole riittävää yhteyttä Suomeen? Niinku mistä perseen reijästä toi 22v on revitty? Tai entäpä 25v ikäraja, jolloin voidaan valita käräjäoikeuden lautamieheksi? Miksi juuri 25v eikä 26v, tai 24v? Onko näille muka oikeesti jotain vankkoja perusteluita, miksi nämä ikärajat on valittu juuri näin? Vai olenko minä vain liian tyhmä ymmärtääkseen mistä tässä on kyse. Olisi mukava kuulla muiden mielipiteitä asiaan.
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2021.12.07 18:54 visionofcreations Counting down the days until winter break because of how ridiculous schools are getting....

I've been an SLP for almost 4 years, and started in a new district in September 2020. I had a horrible experience at my first school, so I changed schools in September 2021 in the district. Despite the school having a more positive reputation, my experience has been a nightmare. I work with high-school aged kids with mild-severe needs. Many of my kids were virtual last school year, and have had a rough transition back to in-person learning. Instead of giving teachers more support for these kids, admin decides to constantly move kids to other rooms, which then messes up my schedule. My admin questioned my continuously changing schedule until I pointed out all of the students who have moved rooms on my caseload. Since then, they haven't questioned me about my schedule.
Additionally, an unvaccinated staff in one of my classrooms tested positive for COVID for over Thanksgiving break. 1 unvaccinated student has been in quarantine, but all of the other staff and students in the room have been allowed to come to school due to being vaccinated (including myself, since I'm vaccinated and have my booster). The other day, another (vaccinated) staff in the room tested positive for COVID (second case in the classroom), including having to be temporarily hospitalized. Another (vaccinated) student is now home sick, and pending results of a COVID test (potentially being a third case in the classroom). Another (vaccinated) student is being kept home by their parents because they are too afraid to send the student to school, understandably. Many of my kids can't tolerate wearing masks either, which increases the risk of COVID further.
My school has staffing shortages, and I've been trying to help my classroom get students off the buses, etc (especially with 2 staff now out due to COVID). My colleagues are very collaborative and helpful, and we all try to help each other out, even on tough days. Today, I took 2 students off the bus from the classroom, and held the arm of a student to prevent elopement, to which admin verbally reprimanded me, and said it was not appropriate for me to do that for high-school aged students (meanwhile, both students have occasional elopements, and I'm giving up my prep time to help with busing, and having to do more work at home to help with staffing issues...). This made me extremely upset for admin to not realize how I'm trying to help my classroom staff, on top of all of us being scared to come to work everyday, in fear that we will all end up with COVID soon, as more people from the classroom are getting diagnosed with COVID.
Anyone else feeling super frustrated from their school admins/COVID situations also? How are you managing the lack of appreciation with the increasing workload and expectations?
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2021.12.07 18:54 Kamirose Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani - 1000 pieces

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2021.12.07 18:54 Dad_0481 [day 7] how is your December going

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2021.12.07 18:54 spylican People who cover the camera on mobile devices, why?

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2021.12.07 18:54 Kirstie_Gregory_Art My “art vs artist” 2021 🎨🖌 What a colourful year! My process, my painting, my sketching, it feels freer, and I love it more than ever 💜

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2021.12.07 18:54 Coraline_Jones_ Should’ve double checked her phone…

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2021.12.07 18:54 KratheoTheCrazy My Dad Is A Complete Child And An Asshole

So this just happened today. I told him that Gamestop charged me twice on my online order and her said that sometimes happens and should come back to my account soon. Then I was talking about how my check hasn't came in yet. (It said it would take 7 days and its been 8) He wanted to see my account and I showed him. He said its' been added and its right there (He was looking at when I turned in the check it never got added into my account yet) I tried telling him that and he started yelling at me and wouldn't listen to the reason why he was wrong and me showing proof to him. I added up all the money I spent and subtracted it from my account. Well to no surprise it was the same amount in my bank account. Then I added the amount that's coming in soon (btw it isn't a couple of dollars it's a full on check so that alone I knew it wasn't in yet because I would have A lot more money in my account.) But he wouldn't listen to me and now is mad because he won't admit that he's wrong, and won't listen and look at the proof that I have to say. By the way, I took classes on this for years so I can understand how this all works for years in high school because I'm not going to college because I can't afford that. I know my check is being delayed. He's so stubborn, and childish and won't listen to me and because I tried explaining it to him as to why (btw he kept cutting me off and not letting me talk so I just kept saying the same thing when he was done talking so he got mad, yes I listened to him then I tried explaining why he was wrong, but he wouldn't listen.) His cover was "I've been dealing with my bank account for years and you're new so you don't understand." Then he decided to cut off the internet on all my electronics because I tried to explain why he was wrong. Another thing he's a high school drop out, and I graduated with high grades and took classes on this kind of stuff in my high school.
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2021.12.07 18:54 gralknoo Does the beta negate/solve all horrendous unfixed gameplay from mechanics from this season or no?

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2021.12.07 18:54 CustardSuccessful761 I can't archieve the last mission in valhalla

I completed all Englad in assassins creed valhalla, but i can't do the last mission, ibfact when a gi to Randvi, she doesn't tell me that Sigurd wants to talk to me
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2021.12.07 18:54 CrissyTibby Taper beginning point?

I am ranging anywhere from 240 mg to 350mg at the moment.
I’ve tried cold turkey a dozen times and it’s not sticking because of the extreme tiredness and cravings so I’m going to taper.
I need to taper until March 1st - my husband is having surgery and I’ll be responsible for most of the care for my special needs son for a couple of months. He should be back to full capacity by March 1st then I can completely drop.
My question is the amount I should taper from?
What have most of you done?
I’m going to exercising daily by walking and cleaning and throwing in 2 or 3 CrossFit sessions a week. I don’t go full tilt on these, I just aim for a good workout.
I’m also eating healthy and plan on continuing that.
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2021.12.07 18:54 Live-Gas7999 What is zohdok's price now?

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2021.12.07 18:54 plastic-cemeteries wheres my brush?

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2021.12.07 18:54 Whatsthat007 Croesus greatly increased the need to reset skilling auras. Please add generic aura refreshes to weekly challenge reward chests and/or War's shop.

Please don't make us wait years for skilling aura resets, just add the pre-existing general aura resets to weekly challenge chest rewards so we can have some.
The Premier reset once per day is not enough. And exclusive to Premier club.
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2021.12.07 18:54 kc-masterpiece1976 Books and other sources on building wealth and improving your financial position in life.

I am looking to improve my financial position and looking to find books, blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, authors, magazines, or other media that has sound practical advice as far as building wealth and achieving financial independence.
Personally, I just read the millionaire next door and I found it very profound. Now I want to take steps to build wealth and am curious in finding other sources out there on investing, entrepreneurship, and wealth building.
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2021.12.07 18:54 bitchinwitchy Just getting over a dyshidrotic eczema flair up and my animals just got done having fleas. Not sure which one it’s related to. I’m assuming at the moment I am just slightly allergic to fleas?

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2021.12.07 18:54 operativetheo8 Do it

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