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Just sonic.exe pc port memes I made

2021.12.07 18:18 julius_emkay Just sonic.exe pc port memes I made

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2021.12.07 18:18 Padoc1994 Can anyone help?

Looking for $10-$15 until this Fri! Struggle city lately with work hours being cut in recent weeks. Badly need some gas money. Thanks in advance!Enjoy your day! $markiemark570
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2021.12.07 18:18 pinexappl 🎅SantaHorny.com🎅|🎄 Xmas Theme🎁 | 9% BUSD Rewards🤑 | FairLaunch 09.12.12

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Incoming marketing :
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And more to come !
Come and start the christmas adventure with US!
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2021.12.07 18:18 IjustHaveA1Question I’m curious if anyone here is a casual courier for FedEx or similar and what you’re experience is like.

So I understand the working hours limitations and no benefits. I’m more interested in if you’re able to reach the maximum 24hweek consistently? What type of vehicle is driven? And just the general vibe of the job. I don’t want to work a lot right now as I’m looking for a future job that I won’t hate and I like the idea of traveling around the city BUT having very little interaction with the customers. Any info or experiences appreciated.
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2021.12.07 18:18 Darkly_Gathers I've been stalking a monster I've nicknamed 'The Wheel'... And it's unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. [FINAL]

[Part 1 of 2]
It’s been a week now since our last encounter with the Wheel, and I still see that night in my dreams. The crumbling and disintegration of the people in the street. The glare of the monster.
Benny rests his hand in my lap, looking up at me with those big eyes of his, and I scratch him behind the ear.
“You know, don’t you boy? You ready to go out again?”
He barks softly and I rise from the desk. I grab from the side my latest purchase, a high-intensity LED floodlight; a massive thing and the weight of a brick, but it’s bright, all right. It’s bright as fuck. And the Wheel hates the light. That’s what I’ve assumed, at least. I need to stop jumping into these situations so carelessly. I need to think more. Be a little more rational. Have ab it more of a plan.
I fasten on my coat and crouch down to my dog. “You ready boy?”
He looks at me, panting, and with a deep breath I lead us out onto the street.

I’m nowhere near as confident walking at night as I used to be.

Benny leads us through the deserted streets, sniffing his way through the darkness. A faint mist hangs unwanted round the edges of lampposts in the distance and clings to the base of the buildings.
As we head further and further through the town I find myself startled by every shifting shadow, every miscellaneous noise…
“Come on…” I mutter to myself. “Get it together…”
But it won’t be far now. Benny’s gotten so good at following the subtle trail the Wheel leaves behind.
Benny stops and whines a little, and quickly I lead us to a nearby skip to use as a cover. A moment or two later a figure- a shadow at first, then more clearly a girl - comes walking out from the mist and down the street. She has her headphones in, walking alone, her footsteps falling in time to some unheard song.

This will be the Wheel’s target. Benny has begun to growl, and I see the collapsing bodies of the boy and the homeless man in my mind’s eye. My heartrate increases and I start t sweat, despite the chill.
It’s going to happen again, it’s all going to happen again… I hear the man’s voice in my head:
We gotta help him!
Sir, please, we can we DO?
And I realise I have to do something. What’s even the point of these exhausting midnight excursions if I’m not going to DO, SOMETHING?
“Hey!” I call out, with a hand cupped around my mouth. “Psst! Hey!” But the girl can’t hear. She walks right by on the opposite side of the street, humming quietly. She hasn’t even seen me.
Nor has she seen the looming shape through the shadows behind her. A towering behemoth, rising up and out of the mist, a long limb stretched out far to grab ahold of a nearby building’s emergency exit staircase. Creeping as it did before, hungrily watching its prey.
…Though it moves with less care, this time. It makes more of that creaking, metallic noise as it clambers.
Has it grown less cautious in its hunts? More feverish for the taste of a human life?
My voice catches in my throat. I can’t call out now, I just can’t. It’ll hear me. It’ll take me instead…

The lights around the rim of its enormous head start to intensify.
It’s happening.
My eyes dart from the head of the beast to the oblivious girl, alone and foolish on her late-night walk.
The Wheel tightens its grip on the side of building right by me, and dust crumbles from between its claws to the street as its namesake starts to spin. Faster and faster, and the whirring grows louder.
The girl finally notices something is amiss as her shadow multiplies and splits right beneath her feet. She turns to look up and behind her in confusion, and her mouth falls open in horrified shock.
The orange of the fiery glare of the Wheel is caught in her eyes, and she is trapped.
The Wheel leans hungrily down towards her as she begins to age right before my eyes. She grows in height, right through her twenties as dark circles appear beneath her eyes. Creases deepen between her eyebrows as she stares with horror at the source of the lights…
…And a light of my own ignites with a burst of dazzling sun. A white, bright beam swung round and up into the ‘face’ of the monstrous Wheel.
I would have thought of something badass to say, had I not been literally shaking with fear as I burned the floodlight into the Wheel. Its own lights falter at once, and with head spin spinning it disengages its target and scurries backwards, a low and disturbing metallic shriek echoing from its head as the girl- now woman- crumples to the ground, groaning.
“BACK, YOU FUCKER! BACK!” I bellow, finding my voice at last as it knocks chaotically into the nearest wall, sending shards of crumbling brick raining down. On heavy feet and claws it staggers back and turns, hastening away into the night, away from the intensity of the beam and into the safety of the shadows.
Still trembling, and not daring to turn off the floodlight’s glare I go to join Benny, already sniffing around the girl in the street.

“Hey”, I say to her. “Hey are you alright? We’ve gotta get out of here”.
She raises her head at me, and propping herself up on an arm she shakily takes out her headphones.
“What… what was that?” she murmurs, then seems surprised at the sound of her own voice. “I feel… I don’t know…” she clears her throat, distressed. “Something’s off…” she winces as she climbs to her feet, looking down at her hands. Her fingernails reach out far from the ends of her fingers, though she broke a couple in the fall.
“What the fuck is going on?” she whispers, and my heart goes out to her. How old is she now?
…How much time has been taken from her?
“I’m sorry”, I mutter. And what else is there for me to say? What do you say to someone in a situation like this?
The sound of the whirring is returning. I can’t see it, but I can hear it. Benny barks and growls. “It’s alright Benny, it’s okay!” I grab the woman (the girl..?) by the collars of her coat. “You have to GO, alright? Get the fuck out of here! If it catches you in its light, it ages you, you hear me? It TAKES YEARS FROM YOUR LIFE UNTIL YOU’RE NOTHING BUT BONES!”
“It- it what?” she looks down at her hands again, turning them over. “It ages you..?”
I give her a starting shove as a shadow creeps round the roof a nearby building. I swing the floodlight up towards it and it disappears for a second time, slinking back into temporary shadow.
And to her credit, finally, she does.

I hold out until she has vanished from sight, and then I break too. I retreat down a nearby alley, panting and waiting, listening close. I don’t want the Wheel to know where I am so I switch off the floodlight, blinking as I try to force my eyes to readjust to the darkness.
It’s here that I catch my breath. It clouds and fogs before me as I listen as intently as I can for the sounds of the Wheel.
What’s even my plan here? Keep it out in the open til sunrise? What am I expecting to happen?
Where does it go? Where does it go during the day?
We have to keep following. I need to know where it goes. Where it’s hideout is.
So, mustering all my courage, I leave the relative safety of the alley and continue on down the street, keeping close to the shadows. Benny leads me through the town and out back to the fields… we walk for most of the night, he and I, and I can tell he’s getting tired… hell, I am too… But we have to know where it goes.

Benny seems to lose the scent a few hours into our quest. I check my watch with tired eyes. 4:35am. Jesus.
We’re out by the fields. Not the same ones as before, no sheep here, just a rusty old scrapyard and a disused barn.
It’s morbidly tempting, but I refrain from checking the barn tonight. I just can’t bear it, so resolve to try again tomorrow.
“Come on boy”, I say, stifling a wracking yawn. “Let’s go home”.

I’m back in bed once the sun has risen and the birds have begun their morning chirps.


Benny and I sleep til late afternoon, and I awake feeling groggy and exhausted.
I can’t keep going on like this.
I push myself through a day of work; grimly trying to recoup the lost time before it gets noticed, but my thoughts are all on the night. On the next night. On scoping out that barn. On drawing attention to the monster and driving it out, for good.
I find myself doodling it in the margins of my notes.
Watching the hands on the clock tick by.
The slow, crawling passage of time. I will it to go faster, waiting for the sun to set and the night to fall.
Come on, hurry up! Why can’t the time go just a little bit faster?

As it always does, however, the day draws to a steady close.
I’ve been ready for hours. But when midnight strikes I am out the door in an instant. Camera round my neck, floodlight held in one hand.
“Come on Benny”, I say. “There’s a good boy”, and out we go. Out into the darkness.
I want to head straight to the fields, straight to the barn… But Benny has other ideas. He keeps barking and trying to lead me back to the scene of the attack last night.
“Come on boy, no, we’re headed back to the barn!”
But he won’t budge, and eventually I relent, following along as he hurries back across the cobblestone streets and between the buildings to the road where the Wheel struck the girl.
“What are we doing here, Benny?” I murmur, as Benny comes to a stop, looking out over the street, tail wagging. I squint and see at the far end a figure stood beneath one of the streetlamps. A silhouette.
Checking carefully around for signs of the Wheel- though emboldened by Benny’s relative chill- I walk out down the street and towards the figure. As we draw closer it turns to us, and I recognise her at once as the girl from the previous night.
“Thank God”, she mutters as she marches towards me, taking me by surprise as she grabs me by the collar and stares angrily into my face. Benny barks at her, but she ignores him.
Her eyes… her eyes are the same… but the face that I look back into now… the face I see clearly in the light… is of a woman in her late 30s, maybe early 40s.
“What HAPPENED to me?” she shouts, and already the tears start to fall. She loses her composure almost at once and releases me, crying softly into her sleeve. “How do I go back? What do I have to do to go back?”
I run a hand through my hair with pity. “I’m sorry”, I tell her. “I don’t think… I don’t think there is a way back”.
She sniffs and wipes a hand across her face. She looks back at me.
“I’ve had literally the worst day of my life, you know”, she says.
I say nothing.
“All the problems I was faced with yesterday… whether or not my boyfriend likes the other girl. What I’m going to study at college. Lyrics for the song I was trying to write, and the gift I was going to get for my mum’s birthday”. She forces a humourless laugh. “All meaningless, now. My friends and family don’t recognise me. And why would they? I would kill to get back the problems I was dealing with yesterday. But yesterday is gone”.
She looks at her hands again. “It’s not fair… I feel so much older. It’s just not fair. I want it back. I want to go back”.

Benny nudges her leg and she smiles sadly, scratching his head.

She sighs. “He’s a nice dog. What’s his name?”
“It’s Benny”, I reply, and she nods.
“I’m Celia, by the way”.
“It’s nice to meet you, Celia. Ben”.
“That’s right”.
She cocks her head at me.
“But isn’t that your dog’s name?”
“No, his name is Benny”.
She laughs for real, now. It’s a nice sound, though it’s broken by a snort of amusement. “You named your dog after yourself? What kind of person does that?”
“I didn’t name him after myself, damnit. I got him from a shelter he already had the name when I found him”.
“Ah, I see, I see”, she grins down at Benny, his tongue lolling happily. “Still, very funny though”.

She scratches his head a little longer.

“So. Enough chitchat. How do we kill it, Ben? How do we kill the monster?”
“Kill it? Celia, this thing is the most dangerous-”
She cuts me off. “Do I look like I give a fuck? I have nothing left, you hear? I have nothing left!” Her eyes shine in the light of the streetlamps. “So I’m telling you now I am here to kill it. Whatever it takes”.
And so with a sigh, I gesture her to come with us, and Benny now leads us the way I’d expect him to, sniffing the stones and taking us out to the edge of town- towards the fields, and the abandoned barn.
I tell her what I know.
“The Wheel- that’s what I’ve been calling it- it seems like it has to stay more or less in the same position while it ‘eats’… and it takes a moment or two to warm up, too. But once you’re in that light, you’re caught. You’re stuck”.
“What’s its weakness?”
“I don’t know about ‘weakness’… but it hates the light. Other than its own, obviously. It avoids the streetlamps, and the sun… and it hates this thing”. I lift the floodlight. “That’s how I scared it off last night”.
“Is that it? Just light? Anything else you’ve learned, at all? What IS the light, do you think? The light the Wheel makes itself?”
I shrug as leave the town behind us. It’s another silvery moonlit night. “I don’t know. I’m sorry, I don’t know much at all, really. It can eat trees and plants as well as animals… insects too…”
“Trees, plants?” she repeats. “Insects?”
“Yeah, same method. It just focuses the beam and takes the life of its target”.
She rubs her chin in thought. “So it targets insects and plants?”
“Well, no, they just got caught in the beam. Grass around the feet of a sheep… a moth that flew into the light, that kind of thing”.
Her eyes light up. “So the beam isn’t all that focused then, is it? If it kills anything caught in the light…”

I consider this.

We climb the fence at the edge of the dark field, and carefully, quietly, make our way across the grass towards the barn, and Benny starts to whine, ears pinned back.
“Alright…” she whispers to me, as we approach, “I have a plan-”
But I never get to hear it.
From behind us, from the scrapyard nearby, there comes the sound of twisting metal and creaking machinery. Benny near enough jumps out of his skin with a yelp, and I do essentially the same. Lights rise up from the clutter and a long, silvery arm reaches out to provide leverage, as the body and head of the Wheel rise up from the wreckage. It whirrs with menace as the lights blink into life and the great head starts to spin. It clambers down the hill of junk towards us with a sickening speed I had not yet seen from the behemoth.

Benny races forwards to face it. Barking loudly and angrily, teeth bared.

“BENNY!” I call out in a panic, my companion’s shadow sent out long and dark across the grass- now illuminated orange- “BENNY, HEEL! COME BACK, BOY!”
The Wheel raises itself up, angling its light down to Benny…
…And I sprint towards him, all fear temporarily forgotten as I rush to grab him up… He’s not a little dog by any means, and I grunt with the exertion, but I haul him up and fling him out to the side, to the safety of the shadow as I find myself caught in motion. A fly in resin, eyes wide… My body stiffens, and I am just about able to turn my head to look up into the Wheel’s almighty gaze as it starts to draw from me my lifeforce.

So. This is it, then? I think to myself. I feel the passage of time as water rushing over my body. Waves of warmth and ice wash alternatingly across my skin as I feel it tighten in places, loosen in others from my bones. My wisdom teeth ache with sudden throbs of pain as they push themselves through the backs of my gums… the joints in one of my hands start to seize… I can feel my fringe growing long down my face and into my vision…
Did I lead a good life? …Did I do enough?
Is this all my fault? My obsession… My obsession has done this. It has taken my time from me. Time I can surely never recover…
…But there is a sudden shriek from above, and I catch a blur of motion through the darkness.
Celia leaps from the roof of the barn and, like a madwoman, onto the Wheel’s back. I cannot see what it is exactly that she holds, but it is sharp, and it is metal, and she hacks it into the monster’s neck, eyes wide and burning with fury.
The Wheel creaks and cries out with a metallic distress call, the lights faltering… and with a crack it tears away its gaze, leaving me gasping in the darkness, clutching my chest and looking down to my hands.
How much did it take? A decade, perhaps? Or a little more?
I look back up. Benny is barking and gnawing at the Wheel’s legs. The monster itself swings it head around from side to side, furiously trying to shake off the attacker on its back.
I return to my senses and grab up the floodlight, switching it on with a blast of light and aiming the beam at the monster. It recoils with frustration, but alas, Celia is knocked from its back and down to the ground. She doesn’t give up though, she immediately grabs a hold of one of the Wheel’s legs, stabbing her weapon in as deep as it’ll go and keep a firm grip on the handle.
The Wheel in its rage looks down to its feet, the great spinning head starts whirring round and round, and Celia is caught in the intense orange glare.

…As indeed, is the Wheel itself.

“Heel, Benny!” I call out, and this time he does, running towards me, but still looking back at the scene in the field.
Celia’s hair starts sprouting from her head. Greying, and thinning, falling to the ground… Her lips start to wrinkle, the lines aside her eyes become deep and many, but still her bitter grip persists, she will not let the Wheel go.
The Wheel makes noises I’ve never heard before. The whirring of its head starts to grind. Rust and dust fall from its joints, its posture becomes more hunched and the colour of its body begins to lighten and pale…
…Unaware of what it is doing to itself, or perhaps too caught in the frenzy to care…
“CELIA!” I call out, aiming the floodlight as best I can, but it isn’t enough.
At last her grip is lost, and she tumbles to the grass. The Wheel screams with rage, drawing everything from her until she is nothing more than a cloud of dust, to be lost in the wind. The Wheel staggers away, limping, and away it goes. Slower than before, far slower, out to the darkness in retreat.
It looks back at me, and I raise my own weapon. I catch it in the fire of my own light. Aimed right into the centre of its horrible, monstrous head.
“Go to Hell, you bastard”, I mutter as the floodlight buzzes with power, and the creature collapses. Down it goes onto the grass, and there it disintegrates. Its body falls apart as if it were a toy dropped from a great height. A black, oil-like substance spills onto the grass as the Wheel and all the wheels within simply disconnect. They break apart, some roll around a little before they drop, but drop they do. Into nothing more than another pile of junk in the field.
Silent, still, and lightless.
I drop the floodlight and race to join Benny, but there is nothing here but dust blown out across a patch of dead grass. She was here, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone.
“I’m sorry, Celia”, I murmur sadly into the night.

I inspect the corpse of the Wheel, if indeed it can even be called a ‘corpse’. Earlier, I likened its body to a werewolf from afar… But now, up close and deceased, it looks like a discarded art project. Just a wreck. A great pile of… of nothing. Substance-less, really.
“Come on Benny”, I say to my friend. “Let’s go home, pal”.


I get more sleep these days. I still do my research, don’t get me wrong. Regarding the Wheel. About whether there might be more like them out there. There are important questions that remain unanswered. But you’ll be pleased to know I do allocate my time more carefully. There’s nowhere near as much… waste of it.
…I’ve a little less of it than I did before, after all. And we ain’t none of us getting it back.
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2021.12.07 18:18 Complete_Republic410 When you come across negative vibes...

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2021.12.07 18:18 antifabear Is there a bigger waste of time than ____?

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2021.12.07 18:18 messiahriot Do you think that you’ve ever interacted with a celebrity’s anonymous account on Reddit?

View Poll
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2021.12.07 18:18 mr_love_monkey Having guests come round for drinks and nibbles - one of them brings you a gift of a bottle of wine. Very kind of them! - Upon closer examination of the bottle, it's the exact same one that you gave them as a gift last year.....

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2021.12.07 18:18 jalOo52 Anybody from Switzerland here? Can you answer these questions?

is anybody here from or in Switzerland?
I'd like to know what the market is like for video post production?
Various job search websites gave me the impression that there aren't that many jobs. I mainly do post production but have various other production skills.
How many local professionals are there compared to open positions? Do employers get flooded with applications?
How is the pay / salary? Job sites gave me estimates of about min. 55'000 CHF and max. 100'000 CHF. The average salary being 75'000 CHF. Is that a realistic estimate? I know those numbers on job websites are sometimes way off.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.07 18:17 WeAreTheVoid141 Tow compacity 2009 XTL Ranger 2.3.

I need to tow a mid size car for about 20-30 min. The curve weight of of car is about 3,000lbs. Is this save to do since my truck is only a 2.3 or would this put to much stain on it?
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2021.12.07 18:17 NightAngel1981 Hey, remember when the FDA's top vaccine regulator said even a moderately effective Covid shot could produce herd immunity if 70 percent of people received it?

Hey, remember when the FDA's top vaccine regulator said even a moderately effective Covid shot could produce herd immunity if 70 percent of people received it? submitted by NightAngel1981 to Republican [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 18:17 Slicklikerick4444 Looking for recommendations on an offset smoker.

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2021.12.07 18:17 anurodhp Reminder : Zoom session for rising kindergarten students is Tuesday 12/9

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2021.12.07 18:17 The_Cheeki_Breeki Streamlabs makes me sign in and create an account if I want to donate to someone. Has anyone else experienced this?

Whenever I try to donate to ANY streamer, I am asked to sign in or create an account using Paypal, Twitch, Youtube, etc.
When I link my Twitch account to Streamlabs, it takes me to a page to try and get me to set up MY twitch account for donations.
Is this happening to anyone else? How do I fix this?
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2021.12.07 18:17 tunnelviper Rav 4 2018 XLE both high beams stopped working

I understand a bulb not working, but both bulbs at once? I had a long road trip Saturday and they worked fine (automatic) but now they don’t?
Just curious if this sounds like an electrical problem or if it is possible for them both to go out like that?
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2021.12.07 18:17 Babbelisken Always hated the face on plague bearers so here is my hooded scrawny stinkers.

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2021.12.07 18:17 STUDY1450 Unproductive

With ED decisions coming out next week, my mind has been constantly shifted towards thinking about the results. How can I stop thinking about this, so that I can be productive and do my school work. After completing one assignment, I would then check the college’s acceptance rate and look at Naviance’s scatter plot..
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2021.12.07 18:17 genealogystuff4 Emilie Stolzenberg Brickwall Update: Actually Polish?!

Old post is here if you haven't seen it. This is a long post so be warned!!
As stated before Emilie was said to be born in Lietzen, Seelow, Brandenburg, Germany. I have searched on Archion Lietzen and 21 other towns in Seelow and found nothing. There are still 3 more towns I have to check but I have a feeling I'm going to come up empty handed. None of the Seelow towns have an index in the back so it takes some time. That being said there are a few towns near Lietzen that don't have records on Archion.
Anyways for the official update: I have access to my moms acc. On two of her gg grandparents side of the family she was known to have 0 matches. One of those grandparents is Emilie Stolzenberg. Maybe a month ago I suddenly noticed a very high up match with no common connection. About a week ago I started digging again and found more. The man and my mother share 128 cm across 8 segments. And this man and my mom only had 4 shared matches: Me, my brother, my nana and my great uncle. No one else, which is very odd. Now, on this match's father's side is he is primarily German. His family came from far away from Brandenburg so nothing that would be on my Nana's/mom's side.
BUT there was a single woman who I found nothing on and I am 99% sure that it is our connection. Christina Wagner born Fehinger was born in Trzebnica, Poland (near Wroclaw) on Dec 8 1846. Her father is listed as Gordbet Fehinger. Trzebnica is actually closer to Lietzen than any other town in this match's family. Unfortunately, I don't know if I'll be able to find her birth record, lots were destroyed in the Holocaust.
So. Now that I found a match in Poland I started to dig... my nana is 0% Eastern European but her brother, my uncle is 3%. On 23 and me my nana's half first cousin is on there. Let's call him Eddie. His father's side is Lithuanian and Polish and his mother's side is Italian and German (my side). He's 28% Italian, 58% Eastern European and only about 10% Western European. I thought he would be 25% German, 25% Italian and 50% Polish/Lithuanian. But I think with this, Emilie Stolzenberg was half or a quarter Polish. To make an assumption, I think that might be the reason I have no matches on her side of the family... because of the Holocaust.
Now I just need to actually find her baptism/birth record. Wish me luck (ugh)
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2021.12.07 18:17 darth_poco About ban

Soo, i want to ban one of my ps4 fortnite acc, it wont affect the other one in the same ps4 right?? And belive me, i have my own reasons, that acc isnt to play at all
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2021.12.07 18:17 likilike Jackett, Radarr problem with adding indexers

Hi guys, so im new to truenas and im trying to setup some stuff and so far it goes smoothly but i encountered problem when i installed Jackett and Radarr. These plugins installed without issue but then i wanted to add some random indexer i found according to instructions written there but it just spits out error. I tried to ask on Radarr discord but from what they said it is problem on truenas. They said that they are blocking each other and cannot connect. Could somebody please help me with it ?
1. error from radarr 2. error from radarr
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2021.12.07 18:17 guzzler86 Skywalker saga. Deluxe or Carbonite edition

Does anyone know the difference between the two apart from the Carbonite being a steelbook?
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2021.12.07 18:17 tennlene freesscape at the Dog Ear Records Conference in 2011

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2021.12.07 18:17 Bruthar Cope Thread

I thought it would be neat to have a Cope Thread to turn to in these red days.
My situation: ~$20K buy in on $9 and $12 Dec 17 Calls. Need the stock to reach $10.50 for break even. Currently to about $6K worth as of 12/7 if I were to sell. (Negative 14k).
Jealous of those with later expire dates.
For the Dec Expiry folks, we are 4 Trading Days deep out of the total 12 GRAB will have been alive by expiry date. 8 days of something to happen. If you look at it that way it's not so bad right?
Interested to hear yalls situations.
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2021.12.07 18:17 ThatDapperAdventurer Wasn’t it originally $500? Even with addons, that’s an exorbitant markup. How is Walmart allowed to price gouge like this?

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