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2022.01.21 06:15 Vinodpanchal7 Loading..

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2022.01.21 06:15 candiedloveapple #sigmagrindset

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2022.01.21 06:15 2breel Jan 28th 2021 - Watching DFV’s YOLO pay off as the GME price exploded past $400. He’s still in!😸

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2022.01.21 06:15 milktea_bunny_ Selling FR Frost Dragon for robux!

IA: 2.5k with tax?
just nyp tho
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2022.01.21 06:15 eucaryobreak 26 [M4F] someone to talk to (SFW don't worry)

Kausap lang. Ahhhhhhhh etooooooo paaaapaaaaahaaaabaaaaaiiiiinnnnn koooooooo laaaaaanggggggg unggggggggg chaaaaaraaaaaacteeeeeeers daaaaahiiiillll di taaaaataaaanggaaaaapiiiin kaaapaaaaaaag maikling characters lang. Okay na siguro to? 🤣
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2022.01.21 06:15 philipaggesen Max ISO on video

Hi everybody. Just wanted to know that the GH5s max ISO for video is? I have tried 1600 which I still find quite usable. But what do you guys think?
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2022.01.21 06:15 thiblt_dmrl This is the best day of this Mop's life.

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2022.01.21 06:15 Humble_Froyo2315 This reminded me of something/someone 🤔

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2022.01.21 06:15 dehjosh Missed headline from 1/6 Committee: "...Committee has identified no evidence that President Trump issued any order, or took any other action, to deploy the guard that day." Then who did send them?

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2022.01.21 06:15 Sappapie which expensive brand is worht paying for in your opinion?

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2022.01.21 06:15 ZoolShop Casio launches text-powered vocal synthesis keyboard: “If you can type it, the CT-S1000V can sing it”

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2022.01.21 06:15 LoveMeKovu Trying to impress a guy...

So I'm trying to impress this new guy I met who plays a lot of for honor, but he absolutely hates that I play Nuxia (my main character), and wishes I'd play a "cooler character(s)". Does anyone know what these characters are?? I'm more than willing to learn anyone to try and just keep him around to play with. :'[
(He says his mains are Lawbringer and Warlord... So are they "cool"? I just don't really get what he means by it.)
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2022.01.21 06:15 kaanorkun Piastri wins second Brabham award

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2022.01.21 06:15 jobsinanywhere Patricia Arquette swans about in California chic caftan filming High Desert in Palm Springs

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2022.01.21 06:15 Ricosss Calorie Restriction for Cancer Prevention and Therapy: Mechanisms, Expectations, and Efficacy. (Pub Date: 2021-12-30)

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2022.01.21 06:15 HURUNHAG Doktor strange çoklu evren çılgınlığı filminin sızdırılan kadrosu

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2022.01.21 06:15 KungLeon99 Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes made me Love the character of Hank Pym and it's depressing how Marvel Comics is handling him

Ah, Hank Pym, Marvel’s black sheep. Nowadays, the writers are more or less embarrassed by his character, and this has become a more recurring decision as what to do with Pym’s character. Even the MCU opted the other route, to simply skim past all the comic drama that the writers created ago, and transform Hank into an aged mentor for Scott Lang, and with the creative “decision” to have Hank not be a founding member of the Avengers or the Creator of Ultron.
Even though it was for the best, I personally was disappointed by the change, and not because “Scott was the more relatable protagonist”, but because they weren’t willing to give Hank’s character another chance, as if his character was tainted with what he did in the comics.
And I’m not excusing any of the character’s actions in the comics, but I am saying that the real reason Hank’ personality is so messed up is because the writers can’t decide whether Pym is a good guy, a conflicted scientist, a arrogant know-it-all, or a troubled superhero with a bipolar disorder.
Watching EMH made me realize that the reason that version of Hank was the best one was because not only were the writers the same and consistent, but they were willing to give Hank’s comic story a do-over a second chance, probably the last one we’ll ever see. He was a scientist, superhero, and pacifist who wanted to help people but circumstances keep pushing him to go against what he believes in. Even the avengers, his friends and teammates took him for granted and didn't appreciate him for who he is.
Between that and the avengers berating Hank for his pacifism, it's no wonder he snapped and quit. Hank was in the right to quit, and all Janet (The Wasp) could think about was how she didn't want him to quit rather than see Hank's side of things. Even when Hank Pym became yellowjacket, she only wanted him back on the team for her own sake, not even considering Hank or how he feels. It's such a shame that the series ended with Hank still having a severely deteriorated psyche and his issues not fully resolved which is pretty rare to see a pacifist superhero turning into a rude anti-hero.
Should a season 3 of EMH come to pass, and some of us are still praying cand still be a possibility, it would be nice to see Hank get to a more healthy space but still realize that his preferred approach will not always be an option, some people just want to lash out and be violent regardless of help they get.
Spider-Man and Batman are my favorite heroes but EMH version of Hank Pym is a character that ended up relating to deeply, and I don't use that term a lot with Super Heroes.
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2022.01.21 06:15 NowisJuice Help for Different Builds

For context, a started playing 3 days ago and I only have 3 wins. For those wins, I just super scale a big unit and put good synergies for it. I wanna win with the other builds like food, summoner, and more. Could someone tell me what the other builds are and things to keep in mind when playing it? What should their early, mid, and late comps look like? (all in deck 1 btw)
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2022.01.21 06:15 Tijeb16 başlık

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2022.01.21 06:15 tom_606 There are no laptops in missions!

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2022.01.21 06:15 wifirouter123789 Raspberry pi 4 not starting.

I am a total noob at raspberry pi 4. I have the raspberry pi 4 4gb board. First I flashed the Raspberry pi desktop OS on my SD card. Then I connected the HDMI cable from my laptop to the micro hdmi slot. I then connected my type c USB cable from my laptop to my raspberry pi type c slot. The only thing showing on my raspberry pi is a red light and sometimes a yellow light. I think this has to do with the hdmi. I once tried to connect my nintendo switch with an hdmi cable to my laptop but it didn't display anything on the screen. Any fix?
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2022.01.21 06:15 Tharakan922 Throwing out a tree branch

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2022.01.21 06:15 No1gamertheos God win

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2022.01.21 06:15 The-highground134 [16m] Hey, I’m looking for a [friendship]!

Hey. I’m looking for some fun people to talk to. I’m into sports and working out. I also like to game and listen to music. Anyone can add me, I don’t really care about age and gender. HMU
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2022.01.21 06:15 icoo97 Odvjetnik: Afere poput one u HNB-u zadnji trzaji jednog carstva koje propada - N1..zanimljivo

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