drazr 44k79 5biy6 64zde d678a 2tiz4 n3enk yeb8a a4bkk 8edth izbey b5bkr 64dad rzhty hyik7 zha35 i9rne 9s9b6 n8yt9 29y7s eears FROM AVENGERS/STAR WARS WORLD-FAMOUS DIGITAL ARTIST - BIG CATS |



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2022.01.21 05:21 Mametaro Tokyo reports 9,699 new cases

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2022.01.21 05:21 shanabailey BAOFENG BF-UV10R Plus 10W Walkie Talkie for 26.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $28.99)

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Image: https://i.imgur.com/J6TvZc7.jpg
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2022.01.21 05:21 lasagna1231 Jay Electronica

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2022.01.21 05:21 Illustrious_Jury_433 $$FALCONS | FalconSwaps - DeFi AMM+NFT exchange | Swap with lower fees | Airdrops for hodlers | Profitable Staking on BSC | Listed on CG/CMC and Kucoin | Own Metaverse in development | Deflation token | LP Locked | Yield Farming | Own NFT platform | Massive Marketing

FalconSwaps is an AMM+NFT DeFi exchange on BSC, providing a friendlier trading experience & better project support.

The main goal of FalconSwaps is to allow users to access financial products more securely directly on a decentralized blockchain network & cut out intermediaries.

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Native token platform - $$FALCONS , based on BSC
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aggressive Marketing


Learn more - falconswaps dot com
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2022.01.21 05:21 m00nbum $19 (Reg. $38) Benefit Cosmetics 3-Pc. Precisely Pals Defining Eyebrow Pencil Value Set

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2022.01.21 05:21 defenestratedduck Thoughts on the relationship between Eurydice and Hades in the show?

Okay this is something I've mulled over for a long time. Some friends and I went to see the touring show, and afterwards one of them said to me, "How do you feel about the fact that Eurydice seems to have cheated on Orpheus?" And I was really taken aback by this, because it was never an interpretation of the events that I'd seriously considered before. But the more I think about it, the more it seems...possible? Not in a romantic sense of course, but that Eurydice was willing to be Hades's trophy in exchange for some money and food. Especially given the canonical context that Hades was specifically looking for someone in order to make Persephone jealous. I think it's a really interesting idea (and also adds an additional layer of uncomfortable power dynamics in the show), but I'm not sure if I'm just reading into it too much!
What do you all think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Here are some quotes about Hades & Eurydice that could potentially lend themselves to this view:

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2022.01.21 05:21 mathostx Speculation on HNT price?

Any ideas? It has dropped nearly $15.Whats going on?
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2022.01.21 05:21 lolshiro Green stone

Only one I don’t have is int God goku, do I take him or str ui goku who’s at 55%. Ui goku being on many teams and might benefit greatly from bottom right unlocked?
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2022.01.21 05:21 yashwanthjoey Had mad fun with the game. Hope it gets a 4k 60fps patch someday

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2022.01.21 05:21 lostnthestars117 ITs been over a month (as for the flair, there is nothing in between friends and lovers)

Its funny its been about a month since we left the airport. You went back to your state and I went back to mine. I really haven't talked to you since Dec. 16th. Last night I had a dream about you. We were driving, well you were. It was nice we were laughing and cutting up like we did in NJ. Then we made stupid hot chocolate in a silly ass dutch oven like you suggest that one night and then you walked out the door and left not saying anything. Only to wake up to that silly cat pillow you gave me for Christmas. Stupid as it sounds, that dream felt too real to me and it made me depressed But I know , I miss you, you dumdum and that is real.
All I can say is this Alex. I am sorry for always talking so much and GAD. I guess only good things at least I see if this new therapist will be a better help next week. Maybe one day I will reach out to you. I don't know.
Jen the dumdum.
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2022.01.21 05:21 Amatertu Wangan Nights

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2022.01.21 05:21 Fun_Ad1026 Last save file corrupted new team. Any team suggestions?

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2022.01.21 05:21 assagitaz Bejger&Berg - Rought Wave [Ushuaia Music]

Publisher: Ushuaia Music
Out Date: 2021-01-30
Quality: MP3 14.62 Mb / AIFF 64.11 Mb
Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
Bejger&Berg - Rought Wave / (Key Dm, BPM 127, Length 6:03)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=528350
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2022.01.21 05:21 Own-Philosophy-5356 Dekwaneh

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2022.01.21 05:21 environmentind RP-2041 can spell doom for Aravallis in Haryana, fear environmentalists

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2022.01.21 05:21 Competitive-Guava291 Fogging out my mind

So I've striggled with eating disorders since high-school and im finally getting to a point where I enjoy eating period. I used to be so anal about everything little thing o would eat but now I have broken past that mental barrier I had formed and now CHOOSE to eat healthier.
Like I kidd you not, I didn't go a day without feeling bloated or nauseous and now I'm actually feeling energized and not lethargic after eating!
This is so cool to me because I've started noticing how certain foods actually cause me to bloat and I CHOOSE to not eat them due to discomfort towards myself but not because they're "bad".
This is helping my mental health so much because it feels like I'm actually giving myself enough attention to pay attention to the little details of myself.
Yea, this is a nice feeling.
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2022.01.21 05:21 Weird_Uncle_Star Help him, just like kelsang would want

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2022.01.21 05:21 DoctorTurkelton I saw that pure blood post and immediately thought of this

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2022.01.21 05:21 binchwatcher people who measure in cups and teaspoons, how do you measure flour?

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2022.01.21 05:21 DnlNicks Yo me espero a la venta nocturna.

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2022.01.21 05:21 Kyrie-belier The last time when,ETH 2.8K Sept 2021,BTC 38K Aug 2021,SHIB 0.000025 Oct 2021..u get the drift…❤️❤️❤️

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2022.01.21 05:21 Wub854 Bus trip dream

In my dream I got in a bus from under my house's doors basically. Its pretty cramped, it just has just 4 rows of seats and no driver seat. It seemed to be bigger before i got in it. Inside are two of my female higschool friends from few years ago. One is in the back, occupying all 3 seats by herself, the side seats are smaller, the other one is a driver. Driver is standing and has a bandaged leg, asks me to help, I agree and we are both now are driving the bus, she has the wheel and i take care of the pedals.
We arrive at the bus stop. There are some people I know from middleschool and some strangers. They all seem to be waiting for the bus. The bus door gets oppened and no one enters it, they just smile and walk past us. When we got to another stop, the same thing happened but with only strangers present. The weather changes from sunny to cloudy. There are tall people dressed in suits and tophats, they all look exactly the same, there are like 10 of them. They are walking and getting in front of the bus without a care in the world they could be ran over. Road is so wide we can drive avoiding them, they are just annoying to deal with.
Im curious about the people that werent getting in the bus, as they were walking in the same manner, could they be the people in suits?
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2022.01.21 05:21 Severe-Twist-1816 Yanet Garcia - a famous model and presenter showing off her hot body in a sexy photo shoot

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2022.01.21 05:21 Graciie_Girl31 Wellsss 🤷🏼‍♀️

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