dzrh6 7dhh6 d8zb3 bn9k6 648ea d66sn dzay6 6r8d3 5hzni is2i6 tezrk zyerb yy2yd tryst hh472 bed4s 9hzy3 8eibz n2ebh iy26a fdh99 Your first book - the simplest book ANYONE can write |

Your first book - the simplest book ANYONE can write

2022.01.21 06:09 speling_champyun Your first book - the simplest book ANYONE can write

As soon as you can write anything at all, and I mean string together words to form sentences - write your autobiography.
Think about it. At this state your age is probably a single integer. You haven't got very much to write about, have you? Therefore, the book isn't going to be very long so it will be easy to finish. Also, it will require no imagination whatsoever because all you'll do is regurgitate the plot of your life and the lessons you've learned thus far. Lastly, the hippocampus and associated physiology for long term explicit memory aren't developed during the first few years - great news isn't it! That's even less to write about! Can't write about shit you don't remember, any politician will tell you that.
Anyway, I'm only 4 months old so I haven't learned to read/write yet, but as soon as I get to the ripe old age of about 7 I'm going to output my first book, a full autobiographical account of my life so far. Think about it - you can't lose.
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2022.01.21 06:09 EthTraderCommunity “Dogecoin is a security,” Jim Cramer’s warning.

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2022.01.21 06:09 JoshuaWilliamFogarty Racists.

Important-Bus2427 is saying that only Americans can speak English, that other races are inferior, and threatening people who say otherwise, and saying awful things to random people who weren’t even talking to, about, or anything to do with him. He’s being racist.
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2022.01.21 06:09 DarthCasanova RIP LEGEND. 😢😭

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2022.01.21 06:09 Ldsone071 PiS walczy ze spekulantami

PiS walczy ze spekulantami submitted by Ldsone071 to Polska [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 06:09 Real-Resolve-9643 Felix and Augustin's families

Do they still have living family members? Why don't they live on Casita too?
Also... I just remembered while asking this question, do Felix and Augustin sleep with Pepa and Julieta on their respective rooms? I mean, they don't have doors, and it would make sense that they would sleep with their wives.
Back on the family members thing, maybe they could sleep on Abuela's room...?
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2022.01.21 06:09 somethingwentawry I see your 7-way Massachusetts intersection and raise you an 7-way Brussels intersection with 2 tram tracks going through.

I see your 7-way Massachusetts intersection and raise you an 7-way Brussels intersection with 2 tram tracks going through. submitted by somethingwentawry to CrappyDesign [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 06:09 Unique_Garbage_4395 Purple crystal caves

What do I need to bring to the crystal caves? Is there a safe area near the entrance in which I can build a base? I read somewhere that the scanner room can tell me the location of the shadow leviathans. Is that true?
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2022.01.21 06:09 ProfessionalCod4733 SAT requirement

the deadline for international students to apply to KU is 1st march, I meet their SAT requirements but I think I can get a better score, is it possible for me to submit the scores I get after march? like I show them that I've paid for the exam and then appear for the exam after the deadline has passed? .
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2022.01.21 06:09 User7888 New Bolide's cool and all, but why can't we show some love to the old Bolide too?

New Bolide's cool and all, but why can't we show some love to the old Bolide too? submitted by User7888 to BeamNG [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 06:09 axon87 Is the razorback worth playing.

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2022.01.21 06:09 AnimationCity Duck Dodgers in the 24 ½ Century Reanimated OPEN

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2022.01.21 06:09 Phoebe_Miller LANDMVRKS - Lost In The Waves Complete Edition (Blue 2LP Marbled Vinyl (EU)

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2022.01.21 06:09 mbsociety MoneyBag Society is the future NFT on Polygon Blockchain

MoneyBag Society is the future NFT on Polygon Blockchain MoneyBag Society
MoneyBag Society (MBS) is a collection of 3,000 MoneyBag Face Characters NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain, MBS Born at the end of 2021. Your MoneyBag as your Society membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to the MBS Private Room. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.
Contact Address: 0x114aa35c50f9a7b0b04b9B2a2FB9A51fDa4Ee180

MoneyBag Society Rarity
MBS has several levels of scarcity, with batik clothing being the rarest, accounting for less than 1% of the total collection. Anyone can become a member of the MBS community, which can be found on Discord,Twitter,Reddit,Medium and Instagram.

Continuation of MoneyBag Society
The MBS NFT you have now is only the beginning of Project MoneyBag Society's evolution.
MBS NFT is your first ticket to many benefits in the next MoneyBag Society project. The founders have a lot of big projects in the planning. One of these is the Mutation of MBS NFT and MBS Marketplace which will be launch at the end of 2022.

MoneyBag Society Url
  1. Official Website:
  2. Opensea:
  3. Twitter:
  4. Instagram:
  5. Medium:
  6. Discord:

Weekly Giveaway on Discord Group.
Be careful with scammers in the name of Moneybag Society
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2022.01.21 06:09 jobsinanywhere A new freight train connecting Inner Mongolia, Fujian Province and Moscow in China

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2022.01.21 06:09 Necromanlapse Only hearing voices at night

Started to hear them when I'm tired and about to fall asleep. It feels like my head becomes very relaxed and then all of a sudden the voice is generated, keep me awake till I try to fall asleep again. This is new to me at this point of my psychosis experiences.
I've been through post psychosis depression, still at the point where I disassociate and still have little remnants of symptoms from psychosis,just not as heavy anymore.I'm at the numb stage, been able to take on doing everything, fitness, eating well, saw a friend not long ago.
This is new to me, not scared because I feel like I've already been traumatised. The voices are mainly people talking about random subjects, never direct and talking to me,they don't last very much after they have said a sentence. Not all the time, just far and few. I know this is common for night auditory, even those neurotypical can have this. This is strange though, in all my 27 years this is a first.
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2022.01.21 06:09 FrontpageWatch2020 [#587|+925|540] How do I tell him I’m not interested anymore because I didn’t like the sex? [r/dating_advice]

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2022.01.21 06:09 FireFlavour TockTicker the Dueted one and their sidekick, Man-Hound

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2022.01.21 06:09 ceesaart Peskov makes veiled threat: Sanctions will lead to invasion of Ukraine

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2022.01.21 06:09 Ok-Theme-8435 [FNV] Frame rate dropping to exactly 24 fps when moving mouse after about an hour of play

So my game runs really, really well for the most part. It's just that, after about an hour, and generally during dialogue, the framerate will drop to exactly 24 fps when moving the mouse. If I keep the mouse still, it recovers and acts as normal. I've been playing new vegas for years and have never encountered this before, so I'm pretty stumped.
My specs are:
rtx 2080ti
32gb ram
And the game is installed on a samsung evo ssd
I also have my mouse polling rate set to 1000hz. Is it possible gambryo can only handle that for so long?
happy to provide logs if needed. i just havent attached as theres a file size limit
the mods im running are as follows:
EDIT 1: i accidentally included everything ive disabled, ive fixed now
"0000","+","DLC: TribalPack"
"0001","+","DLC: OldWorldBlues"
"0002","+","DLC: MercenaryPack"
"0003","+","DLC: LonesomeRoad"
"0004","+","DLC: HonestHearts"
"0005","+","DLC: GunRunnersArsenal"
"0006","+","DLC: DeadMoney"
"0007","+","DLC: ClassicPack"
"0008","+","DLC: CaravanPack"
"0009","-","Viva New Vegas - v1.3.0_separator"
"0011","+","JIP LN NVSE Plugin"
"0012","+","JohnnyGuitar NVSE"
"0013","+","NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash"
"0014","+","NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix"
"0015","+","NVTF - Custom INI"
"0016","+","FNV Mod Limit Fix"
"0018","+","Console Paste Support"
"0019","+","Bug Fixes_separator"
"0020","+","Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP"
"0021","+","Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus"
"0022","+","Asterra's Many Fixes"
"0023","+","Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod"
"0024","+","Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod - ESP Replacer"
"0025","+","Improved Lighting Shaders"
"0027","+","lStewieAl's Tweaks"
"0028","+","lStewieAl's Tweaks - VNV INI"
"0029","+","Simple DLC Delay"
"0030","+","No Muzzle Flash Lights"
"0031","+","HUD + UI_separator"
"0032","+","UIO - User Interface Organizer"
"0033","+","The Mod Configuration Menu"
"0034","+","JIP Improved Recipe Menu"
"0036","+","Anniversary Anim Pack"
"0037","+","Anniversary Anim Pack - Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod Patch"
"0038","+","Anniversary Anim Pack - General Bugfix"
"0039","+","Anniversary Anim Pack - Bonus Patch"
"0040","+","B42 Weapon Inertia"
"0041","+","Improved LOD Noise Texture"
"0042","+","Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul"
"0043","+","Altitude - A Vanilla Plus Weather Mod"
"0044","+","Altitude - Zion Ambient Music"
"0045","+","A Little More Lamplight"
"0047","+","NPCs Sprint In Combat"
"0048","+","Real Recoil"
"0049","+","Real Recoil Tweaks"
"0050","+","Follower Tweaks"
"0052","+","JIP LN NVSE Plugin - Overhauls INI"
"0053","+","lStewieAl's Tweaks - Overhauls INI"
"0054","+","JSawyer Ultimate Edition"
"0055","+","JSawyer Ultimate Edition - GRA Merged"
"0056","+","JSawyer Ultimate Tweaks"
"0057","+","Plasma Weapon Iron Sights - Iron Sight Recoil Animations"
"0058","+","Plasma Weapon Iron Sights - Gun Runner's Arsenal Merged"
"0059","+","Laser Weapon Iron Sights - Gun Runner's Arsenal Merged"
"0060","+","Laser Weapon Iron Sights - Iron Sight Recoil Animations"
"0061","+","Unfound Loot"
"0062","+","Unfound Loot - Custom INI"
"0063","+","Player Combat Priority"
"0064","+","Misc Gameplay Merge"
"0065","+","Misc Gameplay Merge - JSawyer Ultimate Edition Patch"
"0066","+","Better Character Creation"
"0068","+","Uncut Wasteland plus NPCs"
"0069","+","Uncut Wasteland Tweaks"
"0070","+","Essential DLC Enhancements Merged"
"0071","+","Mojave Raiders"
"0072","+","JSawyer Ultimate - Mojave Raiders Patch"
"0073","+","Mojave Raiders Tweaks"
"0074","+","The Living Desert"
"0075","-","User Added Mods_separator"
"0076","+","Toggle Aim"
"0077","-","Quest Resources and Master Plugins_separator"
"0078","+","The Someguy Series"
"0079","+","Sortomatic - Modders Resource"
"0080","+","Th3Overseer's Core ESM"
"0081","-","Various Meshes Resources"
"0082","+","Mojave Master Assets"
"0083","+","Mojave Master Plugin"
"0084","+","SUP NVSE"
"0087","+","New Vegas Bounties I"
"0088","+","New Vegas Bounties II"
"0089","+","Voiced Doc Friday for New Vegas Bounties II"
"0090","+","New Vegas Bounties II Fixes"
"0091","+","New Vegas Bounties III"
"0092","+","The Inheritance"
"0093","+","The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino"
"0094","+","Run The Lucky 38"
"0095","+","Afterschool Special"
"0096","+","New Vegas Killer"
"0097","+","Autumn Leaves"
"0098","+","YUP - Autumn Leaves Patch"
"0099","+","Autumn Leaves Tweaks"
"0100","+","The Better Angels"
"0101","+","Nipton Rebuilt"
"0102","+","Save Cass"
"0103","+","Deserters Fortress"
"0104","+","The North Road Remastered"
"0105","+","The Deterrent"
"0107","+","The Initiation"
"0108","+","Vault 121 - Project Fellowship"
"0109","+","The REPCONN Blues"
"0110","+","Free the Slaves"
"0111","+","The Depths of Depravity"
"0112","+","Caravan Guard"
"0113","+","Tales of New Reno - Episode Zero (Home on the Wastes)"
"0114","+","Tales of New Reno - Episode One (Greetings from New Reno)"
"0115","+","Tales of New Reno - Episode Two (Black Napkins) WIP"
"0116","+","Tales of New Reno Redux Choice Recorder"
"0117","+","New Vegas Stories"
"0118","+","The High Desert"
"0119","+","Nevada Outlaws - A fully voiced quest mod"
"0120","+","Nevada Outlaws Fixes"
"0121","+","Cabot's Quest"
"0122","+","Cabot's Quest New Vegas Bounties II Patch"
"0123","+","Cabot's Quest Performance Patch"
"0124","+","World of Secrets"
"0126","+","Marijuana Plant for Fallout New Vegas"
"0128","+","Checkpoint Gary"
"0130","+","th3overseer Quest Mod Bugfixes"
"0131","+","Someguy Series Tweaks n' Fixes"
"0132","+","The Someguy Series Revamped"
"0133","+","Headhunting + Tales of New Reno compat patch"
"0134","-","Cut Content Restoration_separator"
"0135","+","A Cyber Affair - Mr. House Seduction Route Uncut"
"0136","+","New Vegas Uncut 1 - Rotface to Riches"
"0137","+","New Vegas Uncut 4 - A Thorny Situation"
"0138","+","New Vegas Uncut 6 - If It Wasn't For Betsy Remastered"
"0139","+","New Vegas Uncut 7 - Pacers Gambit"
"0140","+","New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets"
"0141","+","Sheriff Meyers Speech Fix for New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets"
"0142","+","Primm Reputation Restored Remastered"
"0143","+","Vault 3 E-mails Restored"
"0144","-","AI Upscaled Textures_separator"
"0145","+","4x Base_Reduced"
"0146","+","4x NV_Reduced"
"0147","+","4x Update_3_Reduced"
"0148","+","Mostly Fixed FaceGen Tints (NV or TTW)"
"0149","+","AI Upscaled Intro Cinematic"
"0151","+","Vanilla LOD"
"0152","-","Realism + Immersion_separator"
"0153","+","VATS disabled"
"0154","+","Realistic Bullet Speed New Vegas"
"0155","+","Height Randomizer NVSE"
"0156","+","New Vegas - Enhanced Camera"
"0157","+","Misc Items - Use as Weapons"
"0158","+","Gore Dismember and Explode Edits"
"0159","+","Realistic Weapon Damages - 2021 Unofficial Update"
"0160","+","Immersive Hit Reactions - Makes Combat Responsive"
"0161","+","Realistic SFX"
"0162","+","360 Movement"
"0163","+","Diagonal movement"
"0164","+","More Realistic Female Animations. (Read)"
"0165","+","Casino Crowds"
"0166","+","Simple Explosive Entry"
"0167","+","Universal Item Sorter"
"0168","+","Shrapnel Project NV"
"0169","+","Underwater FX"
"0170","+","Animated Vault 21 Hotel Sign"
"0171","+","Windows of the Mojave"
"0172","+","AmaccurzerO's Animated Mojave"
"0173","+","Honest Hearts - Trees Animation Restored"
"0174","+","Killable Children (NVSE)"
"0175","+","Cables Of fallout Animated"
"0176","+","Animated Pylon wires"
"0177","+","Animated Park Equipment Pack"
"0178","+","NV Animated Immersive Lanterns"
"0179","+","Animated Raider Dressings"
"0180","+","Animated Interior Decorations"
"0181","+","Animated Industrial pack"
"0182","+","Animated Fallout New Vegas Tents"
"0183","+","Restored Mail Box reaction"
"0184","+","Great Khan Assets Animated"
"0185","+","Animated urban and suburban Architecture"
"0186","+","Animated Barges"
"0187","+","Hanging Fish swaying replacer"
"0188","+","Cooking Equipment now with Idle Movements"
"0189","+","Animated Utility Poles pack"
"0190","+","Animated Gomorrah"
"0191","+","Animated Female Sign"
"0192","+","Wacky Animated Decoration collection"
"0193","+","Animated Maize Fields"
"0194","+","Vault 22 Animated Foliage"
"0195","+","Animated Foliage for Fallout New vegas"
"0196","+","Animated nv campgolf holesigns"
"0197","+","Animated Analog clock"
"0198","+","Animated Swaying bridges in FNV and DLC"
"0199","+","Animated Barbed Wire"
"0200","+","Combat Ranger Overcoat Animated"
"0201","+","Lucky 38 casino chips go spin spin (Animation mod)"
"0202","+","Animated Freeside Sign"
"0203","+","Animated Market stall cloth pack"
"0204","+","Functional Post Game Ending"
"0205","+","FPGE Patch Collection"
"0206","+","Mojave Wildlife"
"0207","+","Retrievable Throwables"
"0208","+","B42 Inspect - aka Animated Ammo and Weapon Condition Checking"
"0209","+","Deus Ex Weapon Spread"
"0210","+","Wasteland Trees Given Idle movement"
"0211","+","The Swaying Bushes Of Honest Hearts"
"0212","+","Immersive Pickup Sounds FNV Edition"
"0213","+","Helmet Overlay"
"0214","+","RTS - Real Time Settler"
"0215","+","Brave New World"
"0216","+","Convenient Fast Travel Markers"
"0217","+","Music Pack for Radio NV - 300 Songs"
"0218","+","NV Securitrons Lip Sync"
"0219","+","Selective Fire"
"0220","+","Less Annoying Mojave Dialogues"
"0221","+","Whoa watch out - NPC dialogue remover"
"0222","+","New Vegas Darker Nights V2"
"0223","+","Enhanced Vision"
"0225","+","Deathclaws Dismember"
"0226","+","Swimming and Rebreather Restoration"
"0227","+","Medical Clinic Expanded"
"0228","+","Speedy Resources"
"0229","+","Robbable Caravans"
"0230","+","Doctors Take Time To Heal"
"0231","+","No healing from water sources"
"0232","+","Faction Armor Usage Enhancement"
"0233","+","Immersive Minigames"
"0234","+","Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance"
"0235","+","Cannibal Reborn"
"0236","+","CANNIBALISM - A Crime Against Nature"
"0237","+","NPCs Can Miss"
"0238","+","Melee Cleave (a.k.a. Sweep)"
"0239","+","Food Items Do Not Heal"
"0240","+","No Oblivion Enchantments Armor Effects Begone"
"0241","+","B42 Melee Bash"
"0242","+","Better Ghouls - No Roar Animation"
"0243","+","There is no cure - Chem Addiction and Rads Gameplay Changes"
"0244","+","Unfired Ammo is Dropped"
"0245","+","Variable Crafting Resource"
"0246","+","Variable Vanilla Recipes"
"0247","+","Improved Sexuality Perks"
"0248","+","Immersive Sleeping Encounters"
"0249","+","Simple Diseases"
"0250","+","Fallout 4 Intimidation"
"0251","+","JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating"
"0252","+","Leave No Witnesses"
"0253","+","Unique Guns Moddable"
"0254","+","Animal Sounds"
"0255","+","Bloody Mess Less Bloody"
"0256","+","Caesar has gone bald"
"0257","+","Caesars Head"
"0258","+","Caesar Salad"
"0259","+","Invisible Wall Remover"
"0260","-","Classic Fallout Stuff_separator"
"0261","+","Titans of The New West"
"0262","+","Titans of The New West - 360 movement - Diagonal Movement - Compatibility Patch"
"0263","+","Immersive Fast Travel Encounters"
"0264","+","Classic Adobe Buildings in Mojave"
"0265","+","Classic Adobe 188 Trading Post"
"0267","+","One HUD - oHUD"
"0268","+","Vanilla UI Plus Revelation (New Vegas) + Desert Ranger Interface"
"0269","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons"
"0270","+","Solid Project"
"0271","+","JAM - Just Assorted Mods"
"0272","+","JAM - Just Assorted Mods - VNV INI"
"0273","+","Fallout Classic Font With Accents"
"0274","+","Vault 13 Classic Pack Lore Accurate Replacer"
"0275","+","Classic Level Up Sounds For Fallout New Vegas"
"0276","+","Classic Mr Handy and Mr Gutsy Replacer"
"0277","+","Classic Robobrain Replacer (Robobrain Replacer)"
"0278","+","Classic Centaur Replacer"
"0279","+","Mariposa Mutants"
"0280","+","Classic Fallout Super Mutants"
"0281","+","Classic Geckos - CVD Retextures"
"0282","+","Horrors of The New West"
"0283","+","The Living Desert Classic Mr. Handy and Robobrain Patch"
"0284","+","Classic Black Leather Armor Male and Female"
"0285","+","Classic Main Background and Title"
"0286","+","Minimod - Classic RadAway"
"0287","+","Classic Dialogue Options"
"0288","+","Classic Brahmin - CVD Retextures"
"0289","+","Classic NCR Flag"
"0290","+","Classic Leather Armor Replacer for Leather Armor"
"0291","+","YanL's Classic Metal Armor Model"
"0292","+","Vanilla Combat armor replacer"
"0293","+","Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI"
"0294","+","Faster Pip-Boy Animation (3x)"
"0295","-","Weapon Animations_separator"
"0296","+","kNVSE Animation Plugin"
"0297","+","Iron Sights Recoil Animations"
"0298","+","Hit's Anims - Season 1"
"0299","+","Hit - Gatling Laser Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0300","+","Hit - Laser RCW Anim Set - kNVSE"
"0301","+","Hit - .44 Magnum Revolver and Police Pistol Anim Sets"
"0302","+","Hit - Gauss Rifle Anim Set"
"0303","+","Hit - 12.7mm Pistol Anim Set"
"0304","+","Hit - Marksman Carbine Anim Set"
"0305","+","Hit - Flamer Anim Set"
"0306","+","Hit - Plasma Caster Anim Set"
"0307","+","Hit - Assault Carbine Anim Set"
"0308","+","Hit - Plasma Rifle and Multiplas Anim Set"
"0309","+","Hit - Laser Rifle and Tri-Beam Anim Set"
"0311","+","Cloth Impacts v2 - Decal and Effects"
"0312","+","No Screen Blood"
"0313","+","Power Armour_separator"
"0314","+","Ambient Temperature"
"0315","+","Powered Power Armor"
"0316","+","Immersive Power Armor"
"0317","+","Fallout 4 Power Armor Features"
"0318","+","NV Compatibility Skeleton - Vanilla Weights"
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2022.01.21 06:09 ZeusGato On the SEC - An excerpt from, Confessions of a Wallstreet Insider: A Cautionary Tale of Rats, Feds and Banksters, Michael Kimelman 1997 hodl, keep buying amc and gme! We got this this time! Hedgies Fack you pay me! 🤡🩳🤡🩳🤡 Apes buy stonkz, itm call options and drs! Let’s fackin gooooo 💎🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀

On the SEC - An excerpt from, Confessions of a Wallstreet Insider: A Cautionary Tale of Rats, Feds and Banksters, Michael Kimelman 1997 hodl, keep buying amc and gme! We got this this time! Hedgies Fack you pay me! 🤡🩳🤡🩳🤡 Apes buy stonkz, itm call options and drs! Let’s fackin gooooo 💎🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀 submitted by ZeusGato to AMCEntertainmentStock [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 06:09 GoalooES Prview: Mazatlán vs Toluca – Liga MX

Prview: Mazatlán vs Toluca – Liga MX submitted by GoalooES to soccerpick [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 06:09 procryptoclass Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches New ATH, Here's How It Affects Crypto Market

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2022.01.21 06:09 idandidc ğaradza biğr buluşalııım seninle biz yine

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2022.01.21 06:09 Tsiah16 What's important on weapons?

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