demon's souls - best and worst fs sl?

2022.01.21 06:06 neymarneverdove demon's souls - best and worst fs sl?

I have over 1000 hours across soulsborne series. I recently got a PS5 and got demon's souls remake for 40% off
I'm probably 10 hours and a few bosses in and I have a few thoughts. I'd love some opinions and ideas, because so far, it's the best and worst of the sbs i think I've played
let's start with the good:
it's absolutely gorgeous. the grandiose scale, the detail of every part of each world, it's stunning. it's massive.
really every thing about the game looks good. even the mines of the burrowers and the prisons of n(h)ope. it just looks incredible.
the players choice for combat seems wide open. there are tons of weapons you can get pretty much whenever you want, it seems, offering a huge amount of variety for a playthrough from the very beginning. I chose the cleric from the start because the stats were the closest to how I think I want to spec my first playthrough
lastly, the black maiden is way sexier than the fire keepers or doll (maybe I just like scene girls a lot)
all these things and froms great combat make this game really enjoyable so far
now for the bad:
where are the difficult enemies? where are the difficult bosses? where are difficult npc fights? the enemies all seem like pushovers and the bosses all seem gimmicky and fairly weak to this point. the intuitive and accurate souls combat is pointless if I can just whack and stun lock most enemies with a starter weapon.
that's not to say the game is easy. I've died plenty of times, but rarely because I was bested in combat. most of my deaths are falling off the map and to the armoured spider before I decided to just shoot it to death. even patches trick didn't kill me in 2.2, which was nice but also slightly disappointing.
there haven't really been any difficult mobs, outside of the bridge before the tower knight, and that was only difficult because there was dragon fire at my back. even that was pretty trivial
so demon hunting veterans, am I judging too harshly too quickly? I've been to every world just to text the waters, and I'm pretty disappointed with the base level enemies. the difficulty feels more founded in deception and trickery and hidden mechanics than in the other inhabitants of the worlds
is that a fair assessment? does it change? what are your thoughts?
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2022.01.21 06:06 Agima [100% OFF] Customer Retention: Maximise Your Profits (4 days or 451 registrations left)

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2022.01.21 06:06 PaRoAh DVRGNT - Stay

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2022.01.21 06:06 Lexicham When the Ice Princess offered the Party a "stiff drink", they apparently were not expecting to receive a Mug of water... frozen solid.

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2022.01.21 06:06 DredgenV The reason people don’t want to tip.

Hey everyone. I’m a Dasher to, but I am starting to understand why people don’t tip. No this isn’t really an excuse to not leave your driver to, because if you are paying someone to do a service for you, like deliver your food because you’re too lazy to get it yourself, you should tip that person.
But I am starting to understand why people don’t tip. It honestly does have a lot to do with the amount of taxes and fees with DoorDash. For example, in my area if you order a big Mac meal from McDonald’s, and you get it at the restaurant, it’ll come out to be about $7.21. But if you decide to get that on DoorDash, without any promos or coupons or anything, the total comes out to be over $14 before any tips are added. That’s double the price.
Now at that point, if you have the means of getting the food yourself, you’re more than likely decide to just go get it yourself instead of having to pay double for it. But a lot of people aren’t like that, and they decide to get it on Door Dash anyway. They have to pay the taxes, the delivery fee, the service fee, and a small order fee depending on the size of the order, sometimes even a location fee. Door Dash has way too many ways of charging more and more for less.
Not I definitely don’t agree with not tipping, but I do understand as to why people will be less inclined to shell out even more money on top of the mountain of taxes and fees that they are having to pay already that cost more than the food they purchased in the first place.
I blame DoorDash for the majority of the non tippers. Some of them are just asses and don’t tip regardless.
Either way, I don’t accept their orders anyway lol
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2022.01.21 06:06 Bubbles_singh Thoughts on this product? Ps if you have any rose fragrance decent face product/ cream then please suggest 🥺

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2022.01.21 06:06 The_Tee12 Impressions of the ZMF Crescent headband on the ZMF VC

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2022.01.21 06:06 artistgamer2001 Just had a great idea for a bag/plate carrier combo based off of the byrnashield backpack.

Basically, it’s a bag that gives more mobility while not “deployed” (plate carrier out), and it provides more protection for your back since it’s like 2 plate carriers on top of each other. However, deploying the plate carrier makes you drop an item at random, if put away quickly. (Think of quickly reloading vs slowly reloading). The way it functions irl is a backpack with a plate carrier built in, and folded over into the bag. It has a head hole and looks like a life vest. By pulling a strap behind your neck, it comes out of the bag and goes over your head. I don’t play the game btw lmao
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2022.01.21 06:06 Ravencloud54 Snow and I have a love hate relationship.

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2022.01.21 06:06 haber-trend Sıcak! | 'Türkiye'de kuyruklar bitmez' #ToprakMahsülleriOfisi #Tekirdağ #Türkiye son saatin en çok aranan 21. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 11 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.21 06:06 AnyConflict3317 Can’t figure how superwells works :(

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2022.01.21 06:06 apple120 Quebec Announces you need a Vax Passport to enter Big Box Stores. Which stores do they mean exactly?

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2022.01.21 06:06 Looking_Glass_Alice I binge ate

So I binge ate. It’s frustrating right now because I’m counting calories, eating meals that are directed towards blood sugar balance, and aren’t too restrictive. Training myself to get into the habit of is a challenge, but very possible. I’ve done it before. It’s just I’m depressed and my anxiety is elevated. The only thing I that keeps me calm is cannabis. So I smoke in the evening or take gummies. And that helps a lot. All expect for the fact that I binge eat because I get the munchies. And I tend to not care, bc I am experiencing so much pleasure while eating. But then of course I do, because it detracts from my long term goals and only feels pleasant in the moment. The resulting 18 hours aren’t gonna be so fun and usually involve some level of stomach pain. Just wanted a space to vent btw. I am actively seeking help for the mental health issues and have used meds before. I am currently frustrated by this problem.
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2022.01.21 06:06 conorogid I strive to be the embodiment of the chaotic Good/Neutral (How do I protect people from my own energy)

Any suggestions for following this path? The past year the philosophy of chaos magick (nothing is true everything is permitted, beliefs as tools etc) has really helped me almost completely deconstruct my framework on reality, that and also smoking DMT a lil too regularly aha (also I've found looking into jungian psychology has really helped me cope with this for anyone going through something similar even if you're not I recommend looking into carl jung) which was one of the most difficult, confusing and isolating periods of my life but very much grateful for this continuous experience even though I've probably completely lost chance to live a normal life and I say thank fuck for that! Aha
And now that I've actually been dabbling quite heavy in magick and alchemy the past couple months my perception of reality has been even more chaotic and shifting in ways that are well beyond good and evil, truly opening my eyes while also blinding me with the everything and nothing that I perceive reality to be ahaha and it feels like a wealth of knowledge/illusions have been implanted into my mind that I now need to process which may take some time
So for now I plan on slowing down temporarily while I heal, rejuvenate, sorting out my bad habits, removing self defeating language and eating clean an will switch to a pesciterian diet once my nicotine withdrawal/cravings dissipate and plan on completely quiting amphetamines for atleast 9 months (probs more) starting on feb the 23rd and will focus on getting back in touch with my intuition and my true self which should help me function when my sense of reality distorts also protecting me from potential corruption when in the midst of chaos an confusion while keeping in touch with my inner truths an purpose an using the chaos to my advantage and hopefully to help those I care about and when I'm more evolved maybe even help those controlled an trapped by their programming (probs not that far tho as what right do I have to say ppl are better off without said programming should probs just plant seeds here an there an maybe make art with better messages than my past art) but yeah no longer interested in all these fragile intellectual based "truths" I'm now mainly focused on the truth within an intuition instead of attempting to understand reality I'll learn to gain an indepth innerstanding of myself and my inherent alignment for this life
But yeah I think quite a few entities have recently been communicating with me recently Light and "Dark" I'm pretty sure I've attracted alot of trickster entities which yes has left me completely confused on what reality is but also helped trained my way of thinking and has helped me understand humans loads better (more understanding/forgiving) and helping me deal manipulation loads better too which is a massive improvement seeing as I'm diagnosed with ASD and Oppositional defiant disorder, so I'm very grateful for the lessons I'm learning
But lastly while this path is helping me to evolve quite quickly I do tend to worry that I may potentially posion those around me with the energy I attract and surround myself with I hate the thought fucking others over with my chaotic and sometimes corrosive energy and often times thes worries disrupts sometimes corrupting the spells/rituals I perform and occasionally leaves me feeling somewhat agoraphobic but yeah how can I learn to make sure that I'm not putting anyone at risk with my practices or energy and if I end up attracting entities might wanna mess with me would I be able to ensure that the dont fuck around with the people around me? Right now I think this particular anxiety is my main obstacle again I'm willing to risk my well being but only if its my well being and mines alone.
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2022.01.21 06:06 Jewmaster666 Burst Support/Sub DPS teams?

I have a C6 Ninggaung I have all 4* except Fischl, all Standard 5*s + Baal, Eula, Xiao Any advise? Rn I have Raiden Nation Team and Eula/Diona/Flex/Flex in Abyss but I kind of am looking to mix it up and no teams have to stay that way. I waa thinking of trying Eula/Diona/Ning/Yunjin(C2) My Ning and Yunjin are both low level rn but I figured Geo res may help power Eula's NA, and Burst Ning could help with ravenclaws but yeah just looking for ideas and not set in any ideas. I mostly want to use Ning because I've always thought she was awesome and her new outfit just sets it over the top
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2022.01.21 06:06 Droguis Weather Widget is always activating location services

I’m seeing the location icon always on, I was investigating removing location permissions from applications and I have realized that the weather widget almost always has localization services on. Does this happen to you too or do you know how to fix it?
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2022.01.21 06:06 Wonogiri Hachikuji, Yotsugi and Shinobu

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